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[Common] Usage of IRL locations names and terms

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Usage of IRL location names and terms



A lot of people don´t understand that the world of Grand Theft Auto V or any other open-world games that are built based on real-life locations is practically a whole new universe. The world of Grand Theft Auto V is based on the real-life State of California, especially Los Angeles. As the developers of Grand Theft Auto V created their universe and named it The State of San Andreas, all players are supposed to stick to the given universe and use only official location names as long as they are In-Character.


Common usage

As Grand Theft Auto V only covers the city of Los Santos and its County region, we should only stick to using the terms of the city of Los Santos and Los Santos County as a placeholder for the city of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. The State of San Andreas term is therefore a placeholder for the State of California. That means concretely that the terms of Los Angeles and the State of California don´t exist in our universe. 


The Grand Theft Auto History

The Grand Theft Auto series has mentioned multiple locations over time such as Vice City, Liberty City, San Fierro and Las Venturas. As for now, these locations also don´t exist in our universe. Everything that is outside the Grand Theft Auto V universe, is not to be used. Therefore talking about Las Vegas or Miami Beach In-Character is legit. If someone asks your character about Las Venturas, your character would have no idea where or what that should be.


Examples of official location names in our universe


In-Character                                               In Real Life

The State of San Andreas                            The State of California

Los Santos                                                   Los Angeles

Vinewood (Sign/Bowl)                                Hollywood (Sign/Bowl)

Del Perro Pier                                              Santa Monica Pier

Vespucci Beach                                           Venice Beach

Los Santos Forum                                       Los Angeles Forum

Jefferson Towers                                         Watts Towers

Los Santos Storm Drain                              Los Angeles River

The Alamo Sea, AKA Sandy Shores            Salton Sea

Galileo Observatory                                    Griffith Observatory

Marlowe Vineyard                                       Malibu Rocky Oaks

Mount Chiliad                                             Mount San Jacinto



As the universe has its locations and terms, everything that exists in the Grand Theft Auto V game should act as a placeholder, if possible, or as a whole new location that doesn´t have to exists in real life. Only use location names and terms that belong to the universe. That also includes street names, zones, areas, neightborhoodsbuilding names, vehicle names, postal codes, etc.


Useful links

San Andreas Postal Codes

San Andreas Street Names & Regions


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