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  1. Cofii

    Aro's Drawings

    Cool design ideas, keep it up man
  2. played battlefront, didn't liked it
  3. Never tried that game, but it looks awesome. I watched some recreations of real life army actions and it is fire.
  4. Honestly, I am more excited about these remastered game (San Andreas, VC and GTA 3). GTA VI won't come out soon...
  5. Nahh, that game is just too much for me
  6. I like more singleplayer COD and prefer old ones, Black Ops, MW 4, 2 and 3 etc...
  7. I've played it but not for too long. Game looks good, just not my type.
  8. You should learn sum about gta v modding , you got a talent
  9. Polo shirts looks very clean, keep it up
  10. If someone need to contact me, cofi#4165 discord.
  11. I draw with a mouse Just keep practicing
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