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  1. the song that got me into rock back then, still one of my favs
  2. Worst Battlefield of all time imo.
  3. Wassup bro? Your pfp is on flames
  4. the whistler

    New World

    This new Christmas event looks dope, also, don't forget to claim the free items
  5. everyone mentions battlefront 2 but damn, the first one(2004) was fire too, btw what y'all think about the upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic?
  6. Is there anyone who played Star Wars related games? If yes, which one is your favourite? Mine is definitely the The Complete Saga, and yeah, of course I'm really hyped up for the Skywalker Saga.
  7. I'm a big WW2 fanatic and I tried so many games over the years (like Enlisted, Hell let loose etc) but H&G was the best of all. I started it when it came out and I still enjoy it. The community is not as active as it used to be(including myself) but I highly recommend it to anyone who loves WW2 shooters.
  8. Life is strange (the first one) is one of the best single player/story driven game I've ever played, I really recommend it, just like Drillz. Also, a question about the new one. Is it worth a try?
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