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  1. Jacob Burner / Limon Fuentes good times coming drunk home and going on AIR Unit with Rygaard Missing the legend Mike Gere coming to elm street bank robbery with a fucking tank
  2. I am saying hallo to my ombudsman chief
  3. Upgraded to Iphone 13 from XR
  4. Daidough


    You should always put yourself in front of the job bro. Im working also in the field of IT and tattoos are accepted. Its rather a society problem, but IT business is usually more open thinking and it shouldn‘t be a problem. (Depending on your country obvs)
  5. Thats the finest of the finest, my boy almighty be puttin in work ayoo lets go love this mf
  6. Iphone XR, but looking to upgrade soon.
  7. Congratulations to everybody
  8. Moscow Mule Vodka Lemon Bacardi Raspberry Berliner Luft Beer ( Helles in Germany )
  9. Just play assault role, its also pretty nice
  10. Yeah, my first match was as a tank crew member. Oh boy we took the Tiger and massacred the infantry. We had over 80 kills with our tank lol.
  11. Driving without a valid drivers license back when I was 16. The cops weren‘t amused about it, neither my parents
  12. Daidough


    Yeah definitely has a meaning for me, I'd never get something under my skin without a proper meaning.
  13. Daidough

    Damage System Preview

    It‘s pretty satisfying to see such great results after a long wait.
  14. Daidough

    NBA 2K22

    Btw the game is on sale on steam. 20€ or something
  15. Yeah HLL is definitely more beginner friendly, I can agree to that.
  16. Daidough


    Welcome back couus
  17. I like the new system. Props at the faction team and everyone who was involved in this
  18. European basketball is more focused on team work and as the whole efficiency of the team. Not just pass the ball to 'Bron and he'll score it.
  19. Wassup to the new people
  20. You got some good stuff going on there, you should try to make graphic art for NFT projects and earn some decent money off it.
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