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  1. Daidough


    I'm down if we get a full squad of LSRP's players to play.
  2. Daidough


    Finally got it, still waiting to heal up properly. Gotta go over it one more time to correct some lines tho. P.S. don't do tattoos on your elbow, it's a pain in the ass fo'real haha
  3. Daidough


    Also Germany is expensive as fuck if you tryina get a tattoo, I rather get it somewhere else if you have the possibility.
  4. Daidough


    This one is my next project. The sun is either covering my elbow or the on the low biceps area. And yeah, tattoos are definitely addictive. I'm thinking of covering the rose with a color, since they are going to remove any colored ink but black in Germany.
  5. IRL Brands would be really nice yeah
  6. Daidough

    DOTA 2

    Oh yeah boy. I played dota back in the day when it was a custom map on wacraft III + frozen throne. Dota 2 is great
  7. Is time for a new era of LSRP and I‘m glad that we can be there from the beginning
  8. Decent one, however not worth the hype
  9. Daidough

    GBH's Showcase

    Thats some decent work there, keep it up
  10. Daidough


    Had 2 hours of gameplay, but I couldn’t really enjoy the game
  11. Haaland is going to be the best new coming legend
  12. Daidough


    Wake and bake what it do lil broski
  13. People should be aware of the difference between the imaginary state and the real one. good stuff here
  14. The real deal what it do bro
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