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  1. Birdman, what a name. RayMan23 here, good to see you.
  2. Rising Dust


    Good to see you back, Ben.
  3. Ten, A living legend. Congratulations to the new guys.
  4. Everyone knows that it is not easy to develop a script from scratch. Highly appreciate the hard work from you and the development team is doing here, We're all looking forward to the official launch.
  5. 2009, Good to see old fellas again.
  6. So like that, I read here your whole idea roskeii plus the comments written here. In my opinion the idea could be great and add a lot of interest to the port, very potential and would make the port be the center of attention and not as it happened before - there was no interest and the RP there was very poor. The question I ask: How will it be planned? How can we maintain a clean play environmentHow to plan the license types, their value and price & restrictions and level planning.How will the issue be enforced and how will the punishment system work. How businesses will be able to place their orders online and how port employees will deliver the goods.How the payment to the port will be made and through what point in the government it will go. - The idea is wonderful! In order to realize it we will have to think outside the box to complete the subject in its entirety. I am very glad that there are people here who think more efficiently about the port and its operation, I assure you that the port will be a very valued and good place on the server.
  7. Properties Section, Character Section (IC Stuff).
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