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Character Customization Server Launched




Hey everyone,


Today we're launching character customization for those who already have an accepted character and are a member of our staff, insider program or an active1 patron. To find out if you're eligible, simply log in on ucp.ls-rp.com and you will see a prompt:




After whitelisting your IP, give it a few minutes and you'll be able to connect to server.ls-rp.com using your RageMP client, where you log in with the same details as into the UCP. After that, you'll be prompted to choose a character and customize it. 


You can customize your character as many times as you want pre-launch. If you don't like where you left off, you can return another day and change it entirely. This is something that won't be available after launch - key features of a character won't be adjustable with a few minor exceptions. We're working on adding more outfits, especially female ones, so you'll be able to go back and change it as well.


If you face any issues with the character creator tool, please reach out to our staff team on Discord and they'll be able to guide you, or forward your issue to our development team. RageMp released an update today to a core system we're using in the character creator; so we anticipate there may be some issues. Last thing worth noting is that we've heard you and we'll be increasing the character slots to 2 pre-launch, probably sometime next week.



  1. Make sure you have an accepted character and are insider, staff, or active patron
  2. Whitelist yourself on ucp.ls-rp.com
  3. Wait a few minutes for the whitelist to refresh
  4. Connect to server.ls-rp.com on RageMP
  5. ???
  6. Profit


Kind regards,





We've chosen for "active" patrons only to provide a new incentive for folks who keep supporting the project even after creating their character. If you aren't an active patron anymore, you will be able to customize your character once, a day or two before launch.


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