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  1. Gonna have to be a Tesla Roadster
  2. It should also be that dealerships have to order cars in and truckers have to deliver them on the car transporter trucks, rather than them just spawning in! but solid suggestion all for it
  3. LSRP slipped heavily towards the end to the point they took what they could to survive for as long as they could (which is completely understandable and respectable) especially in terms of role-players and staff (not people in particular, but the general atmosphere). The LSRP staff were immature, inexperienced and that was reflected in the role-play by the community, by the ad-hoc decisions that seemed to change based on opinions on certain players and factions instead of impartial and integrity of upholding rules equally. I think its changed now as LSRP moves on to something that is serious and bigger, with large potential, and for that, I am really excited and hope to see good changes and a new attitude towards the server especially from a management / administration perspective in treating everyone as equals, being honest and transparent and looking out for the servers interest rather than protecting their own, which sadly has been seen before. I think the current mangagement are well-intended as well as a large portion of the staff and in time, those bad apples will be thrown out. This of course is just my opinion and what I experienced.
  4. Maybe criminals steal the car, chop shop it at a random location (unknown to the police; maybe a criminal faction can chose one or two locations), make it into little bits and pieces, and then have a delivery driver deliver that to the port and then that gets put into a faction bank account? or individual bank if someone has the right career/job selected (like mechanic)
  5. a lot of LSRP SAMP was illegal RP. so I highly doubt it.
  6. An immersive Harry Potter RPG gaming set before POTTAH himself. https://www.hogwartslegacy.com/en-gb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O6Qstncpnc
  7. Still waiting for the PS5 version to be released before playing it. I still have high expectations for it, once its finally finished.
  8. I think using real-life content makes it a lot more interesting and dynamic. There obviously needs to be rules and guidance on what can and can't be used in game. When terrorist attacks happen around the world, then I think that should be monitored (not prohibited) as well as other tragic events. I don't see the harm in referencing real life situations and scenarios as it can only add to the Roleplay, not take anything away.
  9. I'd be swaying towards a real life timer; get imprisoned set amount of IRL days; 3 days for evading, 7 days for assault, 21 days for firearms and maybe 30/60/90 days for murder, attempted murder, all the way to life for mass murder, kidnapping etc... (not as clear cut as this; aggravating factors and mitigating circumstance should apply and this is just an example) Something just along those lines. You shouldn't be forced to spend so long in prison when it's not your vibe. This way, characters are still processing prison time whilst the owner isn't playing on that specific account and time is still relevant for that characterI loved criminal side of things, but eventually everyone gets caught, and it's not fun being forced to stay logged in to that account. People will have a limited number of accounts, say 3 (maybe more with donators), so they can't just keep making new ones to circumvent prison times. DOJ (or whatever they are called now!) will have internal and external guidelines that allow people to appeal sentences that are longer than X amount of days; no appeals for 3/4 days but if it's 7/14 days then yes, make an appeal. It'll get them [DOJ] more involved too. Previous sentence behaviour plays a part, activity in the prison will also play a part in appeals etc.. tl;dr please stop forcing us to login for 35 pay checks and idle in our cells. It was not fun and never will be!
  10. jim_street man never figured out if he was hacking lmao
  11. I appreciate your enthusiasm!! I love your suppliers idea; it's a good way for it to be expanded further. a few people in the real world make a very solid living being a supplier to multiple companies, so it's not far fetched to have a few main suppliers for different items! It'll still make the port useful, just change the end location rather to the business directly it'll go to a wholestock supplier for example. The petrol idea is good too - it'll give uses for the LGTV to run petrol around the city and make sure business owners aren't having a passive income and that they still have to work for their money. If they want to hire someone to do that for them, then it's on them but it'll eat profit margins. The entire idea of the license types is to restrict access to the port (as it would be in real life) and to make it a privilege to be there by being made to get a license by applying on the LSGOV website or done by another IC means. It'll stop the clowns running around so to speak I think the potential for both legal and illegal RP in this area is quite strong if the right resources are put towards developing it correctly to be a strong, integral part of the server.
  12. Hi. I've got a suggestion regarding the Port of LS. It'll would be easy to make the port a central aspect of the server in terms of functionality and roleplaying ability. Everything IC that is material (clothes, cars, weapons, drugs etc.) should have to go through the port. We've got the capabilities and experience from the development team to stop stuff just 'appearing' in game! Take for example: If 'Grotti Dealership' wants 5x generic Exotic Car, then it is ordered by the business (manually done by an employee!), delivered at the port in 12/24/48 hours (depending on item rarity) and then they have to wait for someone who has an appropriate vehicle and license to deliver that from the port. The port can be instrumental when you start making it a privilege to have access to such place. Truckers need to apply to the Port of LA for authority to enter the port and transport goods. For example, have three types of licenses/authority that are dependant on the goods received / transporting and vehicle being driven. LVGT License - Low Value Good Transport - access to goods that are less than $10000 (such as supermarket stock, clothes, cosmetics) MVGT License - Medium Value Goods Transport - access to goods that are less than $75000 (low-value cars, electronics, white-goods, building materials) HVGT License - High Value Transport - access to good that are more than $75000 (high-value cars, specialist items, legal firearms) Each license comes with a list of vehicles..for example: LVGT won't have a vehicle transporter, or a massive truck. It'll be the Bobcat equivalent and doesn't really support too much illegal activity. MVGT would have larger vehicles which allows for more stock, and allows for more chances to have illegal items alongside legal items in the truck. HVGT wouldn't have any restrictions, allows for mass amounts of legal stock and illegal stock to be done. From this, all levels of authority can perform illegal RP, but you aren't going to get a LGTV carrying around 250k worth of weapons. This would push people to get more involved with the port, apply for higher licenses in the legal aspect and make criminal enterprises value the use of the port and make LSSD/LSPD patrol the port more often looking for things that are a bit suspicious. Real life criminals are clever, under the radar and aren't blatantly obvious! Another feature of this is that each license, whilst applied for with the Port of LS would need to pass a script-wise driving test, a LVGT test would be driving around with a bobcat, the next a heavier vehicle and the final would be a vehicle transporter, or large flatbeds / trailers attached. Let me know what you think!
  13. I think that’s still up for discussion - mods can be (if I’m correct) disabled or enabled server side!
  14. I can’t remember the name exactly but Rakish_Namir I think his name was. For me, top man and had so many good times with him when he had his taxi and made it to Mayor
  15. This looks real good, sleek and smooth. Good stuff
  16. We've made some great memories, but I just don't don't see a future with you, SAMP.
  17. It'll be decent but it'll also be a novelty that'll wear off.
  18. Yeah, this is true, but unless it gets an EA Play 10 hour trial to try again, these impressions will probably make me not want the game! It's each to their own, it just doesn't feel like a battlefield? I can hit someone and they can still run and jump out the way, where as in the old ones, one or two hits and they'd be dead - that's the way it should be!
  19. Yeah, it's not that amazing. Considering it's ''fully utilising next-gen power''. Really not a fan.
  20. its a shame financial fair play doesn't apply to oil money
  21. Mine is currently S.W.A.T on NowTV - loving all 4 seasons so far
  22. stab, shoot then hug to listen to his final words and then dap him as he's gurney'd away by nick apps
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