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  1. SAMP Stronghod-Crusader Project Zomboid Leaque of Legends (Wild Rift for mobile also)
  2. We talk again at page 200. Let's go far
  3. Credits: Rey since I made u. Let's take it far.
  4. It's still: Fuck Tobar. Dude fouled cam badly in the Asad situation. It was hella fun. Ngl.
  5. Football way too crazy for me as a Eintracht Frankfurt fan. We had some pretty much game and are about to win the group in the Europa League while we're facing the descent in the national leaque. A shame that Messi is playing for Paris. CBA to watch his matches because of that.
  6. Pretty much basis. The story was boring but overall it was ok. I don't understand how people hype it up like they crazy. But people also hype up K-Pop. So fuck I know? Tastes are different.
  7. Blacklist SoA Mayans M.C. Narcos (any series) Prison Break 24 ( like honestly, if you like oldschool action, you'll like 24! ) Frontier
  8. Well basically no need for that most likely. I'll just buy a steam key and play it. I know pretty many people playing it and cba to start with AoE III / II again since the DE changed a lot of the mechanics. So I rather start new with 4. Plus I want RTS people to still put work in their products, so AoE 4 is better selling a lot ...
  9. I‘ll get Age 4 and give it a chance. IG offers it for 42 bucks. i think they did a nix if AoM , AoE 3 and AoE 4. You‘ll get used to the graphic I think. Valheim has a simple graphic as well and made it to my favorite game atm.
  10. Wb and enjoy your stay.
  11. That‘s my fucking brother. Looking forward to rp with my brah asap
  12. Thank you You know wassup Wassup partna? Hasaan! Geh mal'n Bier holen! Daddy Dirty Daniels Having a beer
  13. Third day, didn't play any shooter for a long time. https://streamable.com/f3fyow
  14. Vasko was the best bodyguard Alexis ever had
  15. Good old times. I'm not sure, but I think I do remember that dude.
  16. Booker-T

    FIFA 22

    That. I cba to play a game that highly p2w. Yes, you can beat better teams in UT but if you face anybody who's as good as you, you'll still loose if you don't spend. And I'm not interested into spending hours online to trade and hustle these squad builder bs. EA making shittons of money every year with pretty much the same game and minor changes. All they got to do is getting the rights & getting the teams updated. And then you pay 60 bucks to play and hella money even only to open packs with a low drop rate.
  17. Let's chat about Hunt. I bought it yesterday and played it together with two friends of mine. It seems to be fun.
  18. Good job. I prolly won't ever need that since I most likely gonna stick to other chars. It was very educational though.
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