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  1. on most cars the badging tells you the engine like "5.6" on infiniti trucks
  2. My name is Kimberly, and I've roleplay'd on LSRP on SAMP since christmas of 2011. I remember how insane it felt discovering that there was an entire online community on a game I downloaded for free via larsey123isme . I've spent an insane amount of hours of my life on here and honestly question my sanity for it sometimes, but it hasn't gotten to a point where it's affecting my social life yet so I spend a lot of my free-time on here. I do investments, as well as dabble a bit in crypto- my favorite being BitCoin. That leaves me in a position where I don't need to work a 9-5, thus giving me a lot of time to invest in a hobby. One thing I enjoy about these communities on GTA is that it's an entertaining hobby that doesn't have to cost any money. I've decided to leave my previous community and come here after being constantly bullied and mocked by groups of unruly teenagers who masquerade under the rules to provoke people. We're talking 30! likes on a forum report for something overlooked for anyone else. Likes on a forum report is stupid, but that's just one of the things that is used to enable certain members of the community to bash within the rules. When this community was called out the owner got very offended. I've never had these kinds of issues on LSRP, and I'm coming into this new V era with a positive attitude. I am quite impressed with the developments that have been posted so far, and cannot wait to get into the server a perfect 10 years later and begin a new chapter on LSRP:V. I look forward to meeting each one of you. I map nice houses Cheers everyone
  3. A system that another community has in place is an insurance system, and it's quite damn high for an expensive vehicle- and sports cars in general. Given as a lot of people just drove uninsured because of that, I think that a similar system should be put in place where insurance is divided and automatically /paid/ on each payday for each vehicle you have once you register the vehicle. That way, it makes it much easier to know who's rolling around insured and who's not- as it can be hard to keep up with a Grotti in a squad car. You can't register your vehicle in real-life without insurance so why should you be able to register it in a game and roll around and not pay insurance except 1/2 days a week where it's a lot of police around?
  4. Somewhere amongst the legal/vinewood scene. Definitely going to do interior design as I already have an entire portfolio from a previous community. Might make an alt for Davis during the times where everyone's asleep.
  5. I'm in full support, it would be neat to be able to add little details like stickers to your car for people to examine. There was a community on MTA who managed to have it to where when the ALT button was held a box popped up with all the vehicle information and any damages someone might've been RPing- all the way down to a license plate bracket. I don't really see this being widely abused as it never was in said community, but if we could mirror that system rather than having to type in a command to examine the vehicle that would be lovely.
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