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  1. The economy is a lot more forgiving than people think it is. Yes cars are $20,000 but you're splitting that into 40 weekly payments. That's $500 a week and you get $285 paychecks an hour. I fail to see how this means a daily grind. You can't dedicate 2 hours a week? And when it comes to drugs and guns, this server is actually far more accessible price wise. You're not paying 20-30k for a pistol and 100k+ for a rifle, not even in the context of this server's economy. I just think people don't get the financing system, which granted could use some more work.
  2. I'm sure individuals will be allowed to apply and be granted supplier status further down the line. It hasn't even been two weeks. RP with factions and you can get a gun. They're far more readily available than the SAMP server.
  3. if a couple paragraphs is too much for u to do in exchange for the ability to purchase firearms at will idk what to tell u. trusting everybody with buying firearms is some 2014 samp medium rp shit & its very confusing that you fail to see that. you either way too much faith in the ability and intelligence of most people or you're insanely lazy.
  4. ur not entitled to a gun pal go figure out why its so hard for u to get one first
  5. i'm sure if u go out on the street and ask random people the steps to buying a gun on the dark web they'd be able to reproduce it step by step. great point bud. LMFAO gatekept? im sorry bro but if u cant get ur hands on a gun on this rendition of lsrp the issue lies with you and no script will be able to fix that. good luck though.
  6. guns on here are by far the most accessible I have EVER seen on a rp server. giving everyone the ability to get a gun is dumb. sure you can make the point "its easy irl" but how many people know about it irl? of those, how many are actually willing to risk doing it? of those, how many actually get those guns? on here, 90% of the playerbase would be using it to buy guns. a rp server needs balance and oversight.
  7. i'm never watching a masvidal fight again. stayed up till 8am to see that shitfest of a fight. now i just dislike both of em.
  8. This mirrors exactly what I feel about GTAV's map too. While San Andreas' Los Santos is smaller, the game was built around gangs and gang warfare. A lot of different hoods had representation, while West and Central LS were condensed instead. Now, the city's much larger but South LS especially feels smaller and less diverse than San Andreas.
  9. joey prisco...
  10. please map in bathrooms inside clubs.
  11. but they won't. there is a huge amount of guns of different calibers, firing rates. magazine sizes and prices that will be used. they will look and function differently. while I do understand that you may wish to RP your 9mm Glock 17 as a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, you'll be able to actually own that specific model of that specific gun.
  12. theres no need to portray it as an island whatsoever. as the GTA V wiki says: The GTA V map is a small portion of the State of San Andreas, It's in the fact the southern-most tip. There are multiple other cities in the state of San Andreas and to assume that the entire state is the playable map is stupid. Management needs to make an official ruling, but I personally and most other people I've talked will not be role-playing the existance of California, or that San Anne is an island.
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