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I haven't slept for weeks; the only thing that I can focus on is LS:RP.


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Where is LS:RP? Why isn't my precious  LS:RP back? Where are the forums? Did Santino_Valenti actually go to a prestigious New York college or was he a farmer from Quebec? Did Frank_Carneglia really make Black Josh a captain in Ettorisanto because he pressured him into it at school? Who burgled Mmartin's house? At what point did Ganjubas decide modding wasn't for him anyore? Where is my precious LS:RP? When will my precious LS:RP be back? Will Voronov be back? Will Eriks run SAN again? What happened to that Dutch guy that ran Wilcox last? Will Bugs ever get his fingers back? Did Sam kill himself? Where is my precious LS:RP?

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LSRPs Anonymous

Police Officer III+1 Armins Straume                                  Director Mark Stormberg

Central Traffic Division                                                    Department of Public Works & Transportation

Los Santos Police Department                                        City of Los Santos




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