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  1. DamianC skipped college to run lsrp just to get cucked by martina haha
  2. watch out, they'll delete this thread too
  3. Been smoke free for almost a year now
  4. keep1001

    March Release Update

    You're the biggest moron by far
  5. keep1001

    March Release Update

    rofl go get some fresh air
  6. keep1001

    March Release Update

    Yes, on your part.
  7. keep1001

    March Release Update

    Why are you deleting comments?
  8. keep1001

    March Release Update

    What a coincidence that was that Mmartin's house was broken into right before launch.
  9. Robert_Ross hmu if you're here!
  10. Rofl, both alt and rage are on par for the most part, when it comes to updates, irregularities tend to happen every now and then, just like the aforementioned example. Plenty of times alt was faster than rage in that regard.
  11. Any other reasons besides one update being late?
  12. A kidnap a day by foreign gangs in Los Santos Violence and torture often used to extract ransoms, says LSPD Comments 13 Published 6:13 PM PTZ 5/17/2021 A surge in extortion rackets organised by foreign gangs has substantially increased the number of kidnappings in Los Santos with the average now running at almost one a day. The rate of kidnappings has risen sharply in the past seven or eight years. Half of all kidnappers and victims in Los Santos are foreign nationals, usually from the same ethnic group. "They are bringing their criminal enterprises with them and their different methodologies," Deputy Chief, James Tate said. It was vital to gain immigrant communities' trust to help combat gangsters in their midst. A total of 358 kidnaps were reported in Los Santos last year, according to figures released by the LSPD yesterday. In the other 300 or so cases, police are only notified after a ransom has been paid and the victim freed, and the true figure could be much higher, as many underworld-linked crimes go unreported. Kidnapping is particularly prevalent in eastern European communities, where extreme violence and torture is common, often over relatively small amounts of money. Most kidnaps are crime-related - 29% are clearly linked to drugs, and another 36% are motivated by drugs or other crime. But the vast majority of victims are usually innocent parties. Another 19% of kidnaps the LSPD deals with involve human trafficking, often of young east European or Asian women brought into the country illegally and then sold on as sex slaves. In some cases, money is extorted from their families in China, eastern Europe or elsewhere.
  13. This is simply a disaster waiting to happen. It's no different from the previous half assed system.
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