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  1. Where is LS:RP? Why isn't my precious LS:RP back? Where are the forums? Did Santino_Valenti actually go to a prestigious New York college or was he a farmer from Quebec? Did Frank_Carneglia really make Black Josh a captain in Ettorisanto because he pressured him into it at school? Who burgled Mmartin's house? At what point did Ganjubas decide modding wasn't for him anyore? Where is my precious LS:RP? When will my precious LS:RP be back? Will Voronov be back? Will Eriks run SAN again? What happened to that Dutch guy that ran Wilcox last? Will Bugs ever get his fingers back? Did Sam kill himself? Where is my precious LS:RP?
  2. Absolutely no idea, Jordan something. I was in the Blackpool firm, and later Johnny Davies’s security thing.
  3. Yeah, I played Mafia RPG. I was an original Harloni, then switched over to Mezza during the war. I co-founded Geraci also, but that was much later on. I was in Florenzo, Cuneo, and Valentino too. I played Hools RPG as well, if you are familiar with that?
  4. Really and truly, LS:RP's over. It died the day that DamianC left and Martin took over. I don't know what the fuck this chaotic shit is, but it's not LS:RP. LS:RP was organised, professional, and most importantly, fun.
  5. I joined in 2007 after the rehash, but went back to Habbo Hotel for a year and didn't start playing seriously again until SJF and Glen Park Crips in 2008. Forum name was eBay.
  6. I first joined LS:RP in 2008 when I was around 13. I joined Glen Park Crips under Esco and learned to roleplay. I would have to honestly say that LS:RP's best years were 2008-09. Valenti was at its peak, the server's population was small but very tightknit, and everything was very original. Around the time that Delroy Wilcox and Associates started, things were already going down hill. By the time that Neggs (AJ from Habbo) had left, the server was already in decline as far as quality and authenticity were concerned. A lot of people fail to realise that LS:RP's 'elitist' players came from Habbo Hotel, particularly Habbo Hotel's U.K. client. I came from Habbo and was in many of the same factions as LS:RP's elite, but I was too young to have a meaningful impact on the server as anything other than a troll like many of my contemporaries did. Most of LS:RP's Habbo elite were already in their late teens by the time that I joined, so they were going off to university and starting lives a few years later when the server began to change. Even so, myself, Krypt, and a few others hung on until 2015 or so. We returned a few years ago but the server was really different. I haven't actually played GTA V-based roleplay servers yet so I hope to give this a shot. I am a journalist in real life now (I work for The Times) so it's very hard to find the time, but I would like to give it a go.
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