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  1. omegad smoke eater topic shit looks hot
  2. yall bunch of traitors LMFAO no one came with me
  3. 81 and 83-2020 the chads
  4. im being tried for 17 different warcrimes
  5. https://www.remove.bg/ - will remove the background of any picture https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com/ - will show you a computer generated image of a person every time you refresh https://unlistedvideos.com/ - will let you search / see unlisted YT videos https://presidentialham.com/ - shows pictures of every single US president holding a ham https://www.ilovepdf.com/ - anything you need to do to PDF files for free https://www.futureme.org/ - allows you to send e-mails into your future self, like a time capsule
  6. LSRP was the best place for RPers because it was realistic, and promoted (at least tried to) creative roleplay. The limit was your imagination. You could laugh your ass over to a police cruiser going Mach 1 into the ISS because of a bug, then you could go on with your RP like nothing happened. But those creativity aspect unfortunately doesn't justify a gang of mallrats brawling with civilians or the police every 30 seconds over silliest things. LSRP should make people feel like they are playing on a "serious fun" server, instead of making people (especially cops) deal with those mallrats / trolls / DMers everyday only to end up with the subpar RP quality that will make them question their whole life. I'm not saying that it should be some elitist shit where people gets literally disowned or bullied for what they RP, but at the same time there should be a clear line between creative roleplay and borderline trolling and subpar RP.
  7. Agreeing with you. I'd rather get my stuff robbed as quickly and realisticly as possible instead of getting kidnapped over 500 bucks. Most of the people use anything as an excuse to make sure they get the best out of their stupid RP. (e.g law enforcement presence or detailed RP being stalling) It shouldn't be like that.
  8. I don't feel like we need to have a script that just eliminates 90% of the roleplay just because there's a minority on the server that stalls roleplay. Addition to that, people don't really seem to take IC stuff like law enforcement presence and the victim resisting into account, so when the victim RP's resisting, or a random cop pulls up in your scene out of luck, it suddenly becomes stalling. No need for the script, if you think they are stalling your roleplay, report them.
  9. Hell yeah, ban it. It's just useless drama full of admins spectating the esex, perverts, fucking pedos and other weird edgy stuff. Before the "bHuT whAt aBouT kiSsEs aNd oTerMinor Stuff???111" guys arrive, no. Those are not disturbing roleplay, nor it falls under esexing. You can't use them to have an excuse for your one-hand-8-hour-esex-adventure. There should be a clear line between doing stuff that improves your character development / the roleplay and turning the server into PHub. Full support, LS-RP shouldn't be the haven for the esexers.
  10. It's Back 4 Blood and the L4D community basically hates it. B4B also proved that Valve is the one made L4D series thrive until this day imo.
  11. Attempting to "bully" others in various places OOCly just because they care about their character and the roleplay. I think they really have a problem maintaining their character and RP standards if they're talking shit about the roleplay someone else is doing.
  12. TBH, taking a 5 minute ER-only in and out roleplay would be more convenient for everyone involved, since RPing fear is sometimes not enough for you to avoid getting holed up.
  13. Idea is cool. But, the problem is, people getting shot frequently (e.g cops and gang rpers) will eventually get bored of this roleplay. Wouldn't it cause minor (or major) issues from your side?
  14. Limiting the amount of people that join a patrol room (idk what they are called) to maximum 4 (or dependant on the type of the callsign) so we won't have 15-people squads. Also, PD staff can set the TeamSpeak in a way that all LSRP players can see the channels and the people in that channel (except for the TAC channels) but cannot join. Also, letting the admins that are not part of any legal factions access the TeamSpeak would be a second possible solution since they can hop in and check if there's any metagaming.
  15. IMO, completely removing it wouldn't help reducing the metagaming done since /pm, /cb and Discord still exists. It's like saying "let's ban knifes because criminals are using knifes". They are going to find a new way if they remove TeamSpeak. LSRP and LE staff should go down to the root of the problem and just faction ban the ones metagaming and do better when it comes to moderating Legal Faction TS.
  16. Will you guys revise what is being taught to the recruits in the academy? It would be good for the faction members if they can receive training about %90 percent of the stuff happens on the server. Most of the recruits don't know what to do, nor the FTO's because they never received any training either. It would be good to teach some of the stuff (e.g domestic disturbances, civil issues, how to handle basic civvie complaints / 911 calls) so they don't have to search it around in Google. I also feel like this was one of the many reasons why no cops ever show up when someone calls 911 about a dispute, so I really think that this should be looked upon.
  17. What's PD's plan on avoiding OOC clashes and fights between other government agencies and their divisions? (especially LSSD) Most of the LSRP playerbase is aware of the fights happened between PD and SD members over raids, investigations, and basically over anything. Will you guys follow the old, complex "jurisdiction" system that has never worked or something new is being implemented to avoid all those in the future?
  18. i got the [REDACTED] glasses imma put them on -sarah foster also my homie
  19. mhrhan


    we got a haas in P14, turkish gp always amazes me
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