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Bring back samp lsrp for the love of god

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15 hours ago, Winter said:

50? Wow.. last time I logged on was March 2020 and I think I remember seeing it at 200-ish. It was good days when the server was at 495/495 with a queue of like 30 at midday. SAMP was dying no doubt but the community still played. It just sounds took a drastic turn and went downhill faaaast.


Bringing back to server won’t do any good, nobody today wants to boot up a game from 2004, especially since it just got remastered. It’s all nostalgia now, it’s harsh but that’s the way it goes. Hope the V server brings new life into the community. 

And this is generous. 20-30 actually. 

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     Rest In Paradise Pitchounette, you are remembered always 💙

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Had enough of the mall lag, the OP shotguns, c-bugs, every 2nd person using wallhack n stuff. It's time to move on.

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