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  1. I miss you buddy. We had a lot of good conversations. Things look a bit bleak. I'm just hoping something happens that turns it around. We'll see.
  2. I definitely want more realism. I think a lot of it centers on rules and the balance between having too many rules and not enough to define realistic portrayals. If robberies happen non-stop and without care or regard of being caught then one needs to look at the rules or define a better punishment system if caught. As for Staff, we need to be fair and consistent. It’s an all around balancing act that will separate us from other servers based on how we address the above. The last part is the script itself. Scripting in realism such as a banking system etc. will bring you into the immersive environment.
  3. With the amount of PK's for some people it would be problematic. I would say no considering a PK could be problematic and lead to further roleplay as a result of your death.. IE. Someone finds your body grabs a key off of you and you then respawn and report it stolen or chase down the person etc.
  4. Good luck and can't wait to see how you guys progress!
  5. Glad to be here and seeing a lot of familiar faces from the past.
  6. I don't think it's entirely realistic to keep vehicles in-game when considering the vast amount of crimes likely to occur and the high number of vehicles thefts. In real-life, you can lock your vehicle and go inside your house. If your alarm goes off you'd likely hear it. Whereas on here, we will be limited to the amount of playing time we can dedicate to the game due to real-life obligations. I think spawning and depsawning is necessary due to the constraints we have.
  7. I think the biggest thing we need to remember is we can reference LA for the formation, but once we begin, we don't need to stop change because our counterpart that we emulate ourselves after hasn't. I think this is important to have publicly made to ensure our roleplay isn't hampered with misunderstandings as to references we can use in-game.
  8. Looking good. Besides me being dropped from a plane.
  9. Everyone has done something illegal at one point or another.
  10. Looking good. Can't wait to see the release!
  11. SAMP is long gone. It would be a waste of time and resources. I was sad to see all the old forums gone and a complete re-start. I like the new forum by Invision, but I would have liked to see all the old content carryover instead of starting fresh. Such great memories can never really be searched by the common person.
  12. The reason the state government was adopted was to remove the layers and realistically give control to the players. When you focus on a City government as the sole government, you fail to account for the areas outside of the city, which would not be realistically impacted by the passage of legislation at the city level. By going to a sole city government player controlled, you remove the realistic sense of player control by saying everything passed by the city is law throughout the state and outside of the city (unrealistic) or you remove the ability for the players to pass law by creating an OOC automatic passage of city laws. The reason we moved to a state government was to realistically address these issues. I'm not against the City aspect however, but I think it creates an OOC avenue of issues that need to be addressed in that sphere. It becomes even less realistic when it gets vetoed on a state level as there is no way to really challenge it as a city legislator.
  13. I'd like to see script support for whichever news agency manages to obtain a mass. Though, I think the entire concept of how the news system works in-game needs to be re-imagined. Flooding your screen with text-based chat is never ideal. I'm not sure of the best salutations but this needs to be looked into.
  14. I've been playing in GTAW for some time and am counting on LSRP to pick up in aspects where GTAW failed. There's a lot of things that are good, but in playing there I've noticed where mistakes have been made. I also think there's quite a bit of the community that's upset with various aspects and are looking for a competitor. Being in the legal community there for some time, I've found that their faction management is horrible and that while roleplay is pushed, they create avenues which are blocked and hampered due to OOC involvement, frequently. I think what's hurt LSRP in the past (in regards to the legal aspects) is that it's always focused on the police and the civilians second. It's created its own barriers OOCLY, which can be improved upon. There's a lot of great insight in this thread that should be considered. Too many clubs open may be a factor that could be looked into, but treading carefully with OOC involvement. I've love to a see a more functional economy. No server has nailed that yet.
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