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Sal / Allegra - gone


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Update March 2022: I'm dipping

Hey y'all. I'm afraid I'll be leaving everyone to it now as I focus on other things. I'll still be around in Discord and will no doubt check the forums on the reg, but won't be actively here no more and won't be RPing on here when the server drops. Best of luck to everyone and I hope this does work out in the end.


If anyone is even remotely interested as to why I'm leaving then you can read the below spoiler, otherwise, ttfn!


I'm afraid I'm just deeply disappointed with how things have turned out here. As ever I'll sum it up in one sentence: it's not the delays, it's how the delays (and the community at large) have been managed during this crucial time. 


I have no personal issue with any member of staff here and leaving isn't a decision I've taken lightly. I'd just rather be a part of an RP community which knows how to communicate with its players and at least seems to have some handle on well... managing things. Weeks of uncertainty with minimal communications and openness (unless it was forced out due to massive uproar on #main) have just left a bitter taste. 


There have been so many opportunities missed, in my eyes. We're literally in what should be the most exciting time for LSRP; just before its launch. There should be hype and excitement and the lead team should be galvanising and supporting this as much as possible. Join in on general discussions. Ask lots of questions. Show us more of the work that isn't scripting - some of the thinking behind the new systems, what's going to be different this time around. Heck, I'd even settle for seeing more general chitchat on Disc (some are good at this, so there's a disclaimer, but obviously chitchat is again the bare minimum).There were small steps made sure (like opening leasing for a few nightclubs and the ongoing snippets) but surely there must have been more going on behind the scenes?


My worry I suppose is that there actually wasn't much going on, and that since the most recent round of delays started, there's been a bit of a "let's down tools" on everything other than what Kane and Drew have been working on. I have mad time for the developers who have been working on things and showing the snippets, and running the meeting despite basically no notice whatsoever. I'll make it clear now that none of this critique is aimed at you or your hard work. 


There must be a realisation here as well, whether we like it or not, that LSRP has considerable competition and that many people sit in both Discord servers. I am one of these people - and I've been spending the last few weeks deciding whether to return to the 'other server', or to see how LSRP runs its course. I've seen the 'other server' post basically daily updates about even the smallest things - not always script things, but initiatives and schemes and general staff updates. I've seen... very little on LSRP's side. I won't be the only one who'll have noticed this. 


Obviously the staff here have lives, and shit happens in real life, and I'm not suggesting that this server or anything that happens here should ever come above those priorities. What I'm saying is that we've had less than the bare minimum, as far as I'm concerned, when it comes to keeping everyone generally up to date on things. After the most recent announcement as well, I also figured that releasing on the 24th February was basically an absolute impossibility. If things have truly carried on since then, even if at a slow pace, it's still clear that much remains to be done. 


One of the main reasons I returned here was because I believe that lessons had been learned from years ago regarding management, and that this really was the fresh start we've needed for so long. All I've seen so far, sadly, is confirmation that things are not much better than they were after all. I'll again put in a disclaimer here to say that certain things did give me hope: things like the regular staff meetings (which aren't happening any more) and the development streams (also not happening for obvious reasons). They made me think that the community's opinions and thoughts were genuinely being considered. But they've stopped, and now I wonder whether they were just tactical moves anyway. 


It basically all leads me to believe that, sadly, LSRP is unlikely to be better than the competition. And so when it comes to deciding where I want to spend my limited free time RPing, I'm afraid I'd rather choose the server that has the better prospects. Nostalgia and hope and belief has carried me very far here, but it only got me part of the way there. 


I'd love nothing more than to be proven wrong here and for LSRP:V to be the improvement and the competitor I thought it would be when I first came back here. So please, if any dev or lead is reading this, see everything here as critique and a call for you to sort things out for the sake of everyone who remains. 


Peace out, no hard feelings, and good luck once again. 






O.G. to the tilted fedora. 




Allegra Nixon

Adrian Winter (from World, likely to port over here)


Random Facts:

  • 29 years old (oh fuck)
  • Male 
  • British (northern scum)
  • Favourite show is/was GoT until the last series
  • Favourite music is cheesy pop shite 
  • Played LSRP since 2008. Probably known for either A) being the Mayor in 2012 or B) randomly quitting aka 'pulling an Allegra' or C) unironically rocking a tilted fedora
  • Also into FF14, strategy games and world domination


Many hello's to you all. 

Also best scene ever (spoilers GoT):







Edited by Allegra
Dip dip dip

Decided to dip, at least for a bit. Reasoning and shit is here.

Good luck!

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2 hours ago, Spades said:

Hey hey 😁 welcome buddy!!

Thank you FF fwend!


2 hours ago, Mikee said:

Welcome dude, see you in-game!

Fanks - you were an old player from a few years ago right?


2 hours ago, Uncanny said:




1 hour ago, Sticker said:



Decided to dip, at least for a bit. Reasoning and shit is here.

Good luck!

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2 hours ago, Mikee said:

Yeah, that's right!

Thought I remembered you - what did you RP? Was it PD? Soz my memory is shit 'cause I'm an old bastard now.


1 hour ago, Tuono said:


Greetings to you, and welcome. 

  • Love 1

Decided to dip, at least for a bit. Reasoning and shit is here.

Good luck!

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12 hours ago, Mikee said:

Oh, no, not at all. I've always been part of OGC and Gangs. You know, DeCavalcante Crew, BBB, Sucios XVIII etc...

Riiight right tbf I never actually did much with RP with gangs I just kept up with the faction threads. Is that what you'll be RPing on here then I guess?


14 minutes ago, KnownAlmighty said:


Thanking you!

Decided to dip, at least for a bit. Reasoning and shit is here.

Good luck!

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4 hours ago, Monocle said:

The first female mayor of LS or was it Susan Licther?

The first female Mayor was Naomi Williams in 2010 - who was also me but I killed her off shortly thereafter. Then I believe Susan Licther was... 2011? Then Allegra Nixon was 2012. 


Could be totally off with these dates actually. There were a few other female Mayors - Allison Hall and Valentina Richardson for instance. 

Decided to dip, at least for a bit. Reasoning and shit is here.

Good luck!

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