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  1. Avatar Howdoispacebarinmessage?
  2. Tuono means Thunder in Italian.
  3. Tuono


    Yeah! Can't wait man
  4. Shoot because he shot Mike, that's the homie!
  5. Sounds interesting! Welcome back!
  6. Make a person who stands out, don't be average. Be different. Keep in mind your character is a real person, tragedies will effect them as much as it would IRL. Like Mikee stated above, don't make your character a robot. He's of course not going to be the best at things but some things he may exceed in.
  7. Tuono


    Haha, you got that right!
  8. These are great bro!
  9. Great stuff man, I'm currently using: Paul Bicorra! Look forward to seeing you in-game bro!
  10. These are looking great so far can't wait to see them ingame.
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