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December 1st Development Update




Hello everyone,


As we enter December (already?? time flies when you're having fun), I'm eager to share some of the development and general progress updates. The last few weeks were once again very productive and even though there's still a lot of work and polish to be done, we're inching closer to an MVP every day.


One of the major achievements over the last two months was that we were able to put together a final list of features for release, including detailed blueprints of how these features will work. This allows us to focus on development only as an overwhelming majority of the brainstorming is already done. If everything goes according to plan, we should be ready to announce a concrete release date within a week. The release date depends on how many issues we encounter during testing, how busy I'll be with work and how smoothly our final infrastructure deployment goes.


Let me highlight some of the features we've worked on recently to hopefully satisfy your hunger for the new LS-RP.


Drug System

One of the most difficult systems for me to approach was the drug system. Every drug on the server will be unique in the effects it provides. These effects are divided into three categories - Visual, Positive and Negative. It's almost an art to find a way to balance the three aspects of each drug, while keeping them unique and desirable. We're launching with a handful of drugs only, but we already have plans for the near future to expand the system with more and more substances.


Visual Effects

Some of the drugs will have visual effects that affect the player's graphics and camera. With every drug, visual effects start as barely noticeable to mild for small and regular doses. The effects get more pronounced and wonky the more high you get, so it's up to you how much of the visual experience you want.


Positive & Negative Effects

While no drug will make you a superhuman, some of them tie into the damage system to give you an edge one way or another. The type and-or scale of the effect is different for each drug. It's worth noting that it also depends on the dose you take, in case of overdoing it, you might be overwhelmed by the negative effects more than helped by the positive ones. This paragraph is intentionally vague to encourage exploration after launch 🙂


Other interesting aspects of the system include an overdose script, which is different for alcohol, stimulants and opiates. Make sure to keep a Narcan handy!



inventory_drugs.png    joint1.png







The MDC on LS-RP was light years ahead of any other SA-MP server and we're aiming to achieve the same on GTA V as well. The UI is a simulated old Windows-like OS, complete with a window management system, process system and different programs for Legal tasks. The MDC will be available to the PD, SD, FD and GOV to handle their duties. We aim to move as much game-related functionality and record keeping into the game, instead of using external tools.







In Conclusion

Once again I'd like to say that your support and patience has been great. It's rewarding to see the interest and hype surrounding this project and I can't wait to jump in game with all of you to Roleplay in Los Santos again. Big thanks to everyone on our Discord and forums for keeping the community active, and everyone on Patreon for making the launch of this project possible. Exciting stuff, can't wait to show you everything else we've been cooking up 🙂


If you'd like to join us on Discord, come over at https://discord.gg/ls-rp - check out the #snippets channel for exclusive content!

If you'd like to support the project, please consider a pledge on our Patreon, over at https://patreon.com/lsrpcom


Kind regards,



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Very satisfying update. Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop and awesome features, I'm overall excited to see more about the effects of narcotics and the overdose script. It is also great to hear that there will be additional substances added into the game later on so can't wait for that. 🔥👍

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