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  1. dimes


    gxne#9977 aint working. Send me details on pms. ain
  2. dimes


    If anyone still plays it - I just redownloaded it after a couple of years. What is Aftermath? @ourmoney
  3. If this can be scripted in, this would be golden. I know it's possible to make an animated billboard and translate whatever you want on it (seen it on another server), so devs, please take a look. @Mmartin
  4. I just want to see more buildings around El Burro. There's plenty of space to add houses on.
  5. We all comparing LS:RP to GTA:W. Some of us come from SAMP LS:RP, where there were limits for types of roleplay you can do, in GTA:V universe it's much, much better. I gotta give props to GTA:W for the legal roleplay they managed to create and for the opportunities they gave to players. The only problem I see that LS:RP might run into is that this server may eventually fall into cops-vs-robbers roleplay, which means there won't be enough legal roleplayers whatsoever to create something new and unique. Art roleplay - museums will be a great idea. Graphic designers, painters - they all can promote their work through this sort of roleplay, which I hope will be for free for those who wants to take part in it. People can buy pieces of art, spoiling their characters - it'd be great, if there would be a system to add images you want on furniture objects. But you might want to ask developers if it's possible, like it was on SAMP - or it can be done strictly through mods. Media roleplay - obviously, custom XMRs should be a thing. Plus, this will open opportunities for businesses to play their own stations and opportunities for real life DJs and musicians - I loved to watch few DJs on GTA:W that actually created mixes IRL and played them in clubs, making little amount of IG money, but creating great atmosphere around them. This can also be a possibility to promote your music through in-game and I'm all for it. Tourism RP is a subject to discuss, because GTA:W tried adding parks and stuff around the map, but let's be real - it was useless and not needed. I just think that it'd be cool to be able to start a campfire (object) or set up a tent (object or even an object with an entrance and interior, if the tent is big enough) somewhere in the woods or at the beach - this way we could see some cool roleplay going - in factions or between certain people. Other than that, focusing on tourism RP is something you don't want to do, especially at launch. And obviously, there should be indepedent, player-owned news stations, media outlets, etc. I just hope it won't be one channel only to be able to broadcast through /news or whatever. It'd be cool to translate the image/video taken by the cameraman or whatever from the news station through televisions, but I doubt it's possible to develop for it to be in real time.
  6. You people probably don't realize that they gonna add other businesses soon. Obviously it's not gonna be just nightclubs at launch.
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