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  1. dimes

    NBA 2K22

    Exactly my thoughts. No. Not the current gen or gameplay-wise at least.
  2. dimes

    CIV 6

    Got it for free on Epic Games. I prefer CIV 5 more, but 6 has more unique features. I'm a huge CIV fan, but it takes long ass time to finish one game, especially with same people. It took us a week or more to play 3-4 hours a day lol.
  3. I agree about performance part. Honestly, I think mods like these could be useful, but should be discussed with South LS roleplayers, gangs etc (if we're talking about YBN type of hoods) - do they want it or not.
  4. dimes

    DOTA 2

    These are my boys
  5. Star Wars Republic Commando was my fav one when I was a kid. BF2 was top tier too.
  6. dimes


    Playing solo is boring, I agree. I played it a lot, ever since it was a mod for Arma 2, but now you need a group of friends to have fun in it.
  7. Honestly, I have a decent PC and @Kirill_Ustinov gifted me the game (appreciate you, homie), so I couldn't resist playing it at launch. Even though there was enough visual bugs, some of those I could fix, I really liked the game. I agree it was not worth all the hype around it, simply because developers were rushed to release the game, so they had to delete bunch of stuff from it (such as subway system, etc) - but I still liked it. It's not better than Witcher series, but I think they can still fix the situation they're in right now, simply because Witcher 3 took some time to get perfect too.
  8. I just want the illegal roleplayers to use it more. Either import or export like fake clothes, jewelry, even drugs and weapons, bribe workers and stash stuff around. LS Port was usually focused on legal rp, I'm not sure if illegal rp was even allowed. So yeah, it could be an amazing opportunity for organized crime and not just a bunch of legal rpers roaming around.
  9. That was THE trophy back in a day. I memba.
  10. My first ever PC game. Started at Classic, then couple months later BC was released. My fav update all time. Stopped playing after Cataclysm I think, tried Classic remastered but it's boring now to play solo. Would try BC classic now, but as I said - it's not fun when you have nobody to play with. And the modern updates are just too much for me - a lot of shit on the screen and you just want to chill while playing.
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