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  1. According to Daily Gazelle Magazine, all the states in the Union have Gambling legal exception is two, Utah & Hawaii. Why? Because of moral high grounds I believe. From a video game standpoint this is an In-character issue the server hasn’t even started yet. But once that does address it from there. But I’m giving this a -1 because it’s impossible to make gambling illegal. It’s addicting and fun to most people. The most easier way to hustle in a business is to start a casino. I would say if you wanna ban gambling start a movement/protest in-game to make gambling illegal. Similar to the Temperance Movement and the Prohibition of Alcohol.
  2. I mean I still got texture loss on GTA W even before the anti cheat implementation
  3. Suggestion for when the Server releases Suggestion: Allow each emergency vehicle to keep it's individual siren and NOT stick to ONE siren. as by vanilla default settings. (For example: the Sheriff SUV, Ambulance, Firetruck, FIB & Police Motorcycle has it's own individual siren.) Why should this suggestion be implemented?: This will create immersion and create more realism as different Police Department in the U.S use different sirens from companies. However, some departments will use different sirens on different units. Thus, I think it would be great idea especially for all you LSPDFR/LCPDFR nerds out there. How can this suggestion improve the server: Since RAGEMP has it's own separate game files, similar to how you install graphic or weapon sound mods. The players are allowed to install whatever preferred siren mod they'd like (E.X: Federal Signal/Unitrol TouchMaster, Whelen, or Code 3 Corporation Siren) Pros: Individualism for each siren, allows the players to make the decision of which siren they would like to install onto their GTA 5 gamefiles, very similar abilities which goes back to the SAMP/MTA RP days. especially if they're in PD/SD/FD it allows more and more immersion to perceive. Cons: Annoyance, to those who don't really care, understand, or not interested in Government RP the sirens might be annoying to them. But, again they would have the ability to choose to install custom audio mods or not. Reference: Additional Comments: Yes yes, I understand the first video is a mod from GTA SA. This is just referencing the suggestion. Obviously, if you look at the second video it just shows off a demonstration of default vanilla sirens being played. I just think if this was a feature it would bring more playercount, you guys know dang well when the server releases they're is going to be a competition between GTA World & this Community, not trying to start anything this is just my opinion GTA World is trash people are unfair and don't RP social interactions. I didn't even know where to go to RP, there weren't so RP zones. all the RP was basically in the gang areas. (Strawberry, Davis, Banning) Also not to mention I was denied on every each of my applications for FD, Lifeguard, & SD on the grounds of "not meeting OOC standards" yet there wasn't anything specified to what qualifies you as a Cop on a OOC level. I don't get it, anyways I'll stop rambling. I'd like to thank you guys for taking the time to reading this and hope y'all will consider it. Ain't nothing to big I hope. One more thing, I'd like to thank SD Command/HR/Academy for giving me a chance and letting me move onto the next stage after passing the Written.
  4. GamerX27

    March Release Update

    @Kane Patience is a virtue. Hopefully before Summer 2022 begins, the server will be launched.
  5. GamerX27

    March Release Update

    The sooner the better.
  6. I'm gonna roleplay as a hillbilly redneck moonshiner.
  7. It should be sync with LA time & weather, I hate staying up all late at night to just RP in the day time to create more immersion. Start out with PST if it doesn't work out, do GMT or British Time.
  8. I hope if the playerbase is good, Federal Gov RP should be established would be the most elite gov faction out there. This should be used to counter act gangs, and enforce common federal laws that most criminals violate every single day IRL in the states. (Murder, Extortion, Blackmail, RICO, Code of Federal Regulations)
  9. What is Alt:V? I never knew there was a third multiplayer mod for GTA V. I think should stick to RageMP
  10. Start out legalizing it for MEDICINAL purposes first. The server hasn't even launched yet.
  11. What he said ^, not needed. especially that the server hasn't even came out yet. Texas is mostly a state filled with constables. I think SD/PD/DA should only have the key roles for Law Enforcement. It would be coo tho if Federal Gov RP can be establish. but let's see how the server goes when it launches.
  12. Hope you create a Bureau of Investigation division, sworn LEOs.
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    Hi LSRP Gamers !
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