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  1. Maelstrom Motorcycle Club Maelstrom MC was first formed in 1976 after the Vietnam war, it consisted of former sailors and fishermen who had returned from war and poverty looking for a sense of purpose, the mother chapter originated in Olympia, in Seattle, Washington. The Olympia chapter started in 1976, slowly gaining momentum from the sea-side towns inhabitants who joined from their local bar, “The Poseidon”, ran by the Maelstrom, which was used as a business as well as a way of making contacts and dealing in illicit business, such as drug trafficking, arms deals, etc. Prospects of the club were reported to have been tested, and would be forced to commit felonies such as arson, murder, and kidnappings in order to prove themselves worthy of flying the logo. They often paint their bikes a dark blue or a blue to symbolise the roots of the club. Members who have served in the US Navy often wear a warship patch, and those who have lost friends or relatives at sea wear the Davey Jones’ Own patch. In early 2020, the MC had over 40 active members, with this, the mother chapter made a move to expand across the state, with the plan to start up a chapter in San Andreas. A group of Nomads led by former SGT At Arms Wyatt Baker was eventually sent over to the state to test the waters and attempt to establish a foot-hold in the state. OOC information The Maelstrom MC is a Traditional Motorcycle Club, consisting of mostly former service members. Recruitment will be handled ICly, however, until the server is up, you're free to join our discord in order to familiarize yourself with MC roleplay and the lore, feel free to PM me for an invite. We will be accepting any players who are competent roleplayers, and it's expected of you to have a good sense of how to develop your character in and around motorcycle club culture.
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