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  1. Fireee boys take it far
  2. Southside Mob Piru, previously 1700 Block Gang, is a Piru brand street gang established in the early 1970s as a result of conflicting neighborhoods with the Crip identity. Prior to the adoption of the Piru identity, the group consisted of school friends and residents that conspired in crimes and violence to boost it's revenue and reputation. During the 1970s, immense hostility from surrounding Crip gangs pushed the group to unite with the Leuders Park Piru, which is located directly south of Forum Dr (1700). Soon after, the group ran under the Piru umbrella and espoused in it's behavior. The date of which the merge happened is unknown. Criminal and gang-like behavior within the Southside of Los Santos rocketed during the infamous crack-cocaine epidemic. This brought independent small-time drug rings to influx narcotics into the area, many of which later became defunct, and endorsed the Mob Piru's behavior. Several spin-off subsets of the Mob Piru aroused, however, a good portion of these became obsolete after key figures were indicted as a result of the crack-cocaine episode. Despite the Mob Piru's enormous list of close by rival gangs, it dominates the Southside with brutality and terror, expressing their allegiance to the Piru identity through graffiti, hand signs, vocabulary and internet presence. Regardless of Mob Piru's size, they are the fourth most active and longstanding Piru street gang operating. Mob Piru today still remain strong. Their enterprise continues to operate along 1700, through to 2000 blk, however, 1800 and 1900 are near enough semi-defunct. The effect Mob Piru surged has influenced the newer generation of youth to continue the Piru lifestyle.
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