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  1. RUMLY

    March Release Update

    Look above ur comment. Quite a few programmers have offered to help yet they've been turned away. That's sus as fuck. Seems like they don't actually plan on releasing this ever and just want the donations from patreon.
  2. If the server ever even launches, which at this point I'm starting to seriously doubt, yes, this type of RP could be fun. Lots of opportunities for different kinds of University RP. But like I said... Looks like we might be waiting on the forums throwing around ideas for something that's never gonna happen.
  3. At least you tried to be funny... This is a ROLEPLAY server. People can roleplay having pets if they want, chill rambo.
  4. Small RP. Random Mexican gardner, maids, typical valley blonde bimbo, annoying boomers, health conscious freaks. Oh and don't forget the homeless people.
  5. Sure, it would be more immersive to see the item you're roleplaying holding, but probably would be difficult to implement. Would you have a different bottle for each type of booze (vodka, tequila, etc) ? What about items that aren't already objects in gta storymode? If we're gonna be able to create items via a /createitem script the possibilities are endless and then you can't have visible items for each random creation. This WOULD be cool theoretically but I think it would bring more trouble than it's worth.
  6. I'd love for dogs to be added. Any pets in general make for fun rp. Hope they won't get locked behind a paywall. Defeats the whole purpose. Realistically, most people have a pet, so I don't get why everyone is complaining. No, you shouldn't be able to fight with it, make it attack someone etc. That would just open up a whole can of worms and I'd see it all unfold on the reports page. Fluffy pet=good
  7. The last thing I want to do is roleplay being on a computer when I'm playing on one. I'd much rather rp jobs that I'm not likely to do IRL or physical jobs out in the field.
  8. What are some stories of characters you've ran into that made you feel you were roleplaying with NPCs? What exactly made them feel bland?
  9. What laptop you use? It kind of makes my game a bit laggy.
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