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  1. Zaw_

    Dead by Daylight

    my favorite game atm
  2. Zaw_

    Ramadan Kareem

    Ramadan Kareem to every muslim
  3. Zaw_


    MAX is world champion 2021
  4. I'm not into forcing CK because not everyone is allowed to donate to change his character name. But, I'll accept it if he'll receive a free namechange from server. I think only LEO should only be allowed to force ck like @pure north said .
  5. Using irl contents/infos would be good and yeah i hate when i see people roleplaying as they are in 90s
  6. the next person is good guy
  7. Zaw_


    happy birthday @Frosty
  8. And taxi drivers gonna fight over clients etc..
  9. Zaw_


    chilling n enjoying this shitty life. Hola me too, see ya in V
  10. conwell and legendary mp5
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