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    Mob Diaries

    The poker Phil, I remember this guy.
  2. someday somebody told me
  3. betonists


    This guy knows how raise cattle
  4. I'd go with Right to Repair as a legal argument. If any modifications fix the issues with the game, thus repairing them, I should have the right to do so in few states.
  5. This will take a few years indeed
  6. Faust by Gothe. Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Body language by Alan Pease probably my top 3 at this point, I’d like to get my hands on Art of War somewhat soon.
  7. where we at boys? Also the weekend just started
  8. Great concept honestly, I remember there was a movie with a girl stuck in a repeating day. But damn, guess I'd give this a try.
  9. That covid thing, I remember gang people, trolls or not, roleplayed infecting their opposition with covid, and that was bad.
  10. Damn I remember grinding this thing like a real nerd for years around 2010 or so
  11. betonists

    DayZ (PC)

    @Yurda already existing thread
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