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  1. I understand this. But just because its a socially accepted thing doesn't mean it should be made a LAW or OOC rule is my point.
  2. But is it the LAW to tip. Or is it just an accepted thing? Personally I normally pay a tip. But I don't think people should be forced to.
  3. I like this idea alot. But please air on the side of caution when adding trees. Yes, trees are great! But there can be too many. Sandy Shores for example... is a desert and should remain a desert.
  4. I think the server is doing very well at the moment and I am very much enjoying it. I do however fear that were heading in a direction that is TOO realistic. I agree and love the idea of having realism. However we need to keep in mind that this is still a game, and it needs to be a happy medium between fun and realism.
  5. What are people thoughts on the Company system? Reading into it, the system seems very good, and the thought behind it has obviously been a lot. However I think it may need fine tuned or rethought a little. I'm currently running into a problem where my factions Company application was denied. Meaning from what I can tell, we cant even apply for a business / property for the next 4 weeks. I enjoy the thought behind having companies, and I think that the script behind it is great. But I think maybe the having the company as an overall umbrella to everything else can be a little restricting if you don't get accepted for a company. As far as i can tell, and I may be wrong, its going to be at least 4 weeks until my faction can have a property they can hang out at and a way to bring RP to the faction and server. What are your thoughts on this system vs the systems used on other servers? How are you finding running a business? Overall enjoying the server!
  6. This may be something that is being added so forgive me if it is. But I'm disappointed to see that there is no way to order a motorcycle. Id suggest adding a dedicated motorcycle dealership. With a website like the luxury one. The idea of having a stock of cars is nice, and I think its interesting, But when your grinding your ass off to be able to afford a bike, and you only have a choice of 3 or 4 bikes. Its very disheartening.
  7. FatSam121

    Release Update

    Family comes first my dude. Handle your shit. We can wait as long as you need.
  8. Ill be playing it when i get home. Ps. All hail papa nurgle
  9. Anyone else a lover of Kings Ginger?
  10. FatSam121

    San Andreas Law!

    Great work to all involved.
  11. I do understand where you're coming from. But i personally like stash cars, not even from a practical point of view, just the thought of a van hidden in plain site but actaully holding guns and drugs is kinda cool imo. Maybe something where /vpark takes like 20 seconds or so?
  12. I agree with this. If LSPD have a vehicle they suspect as being a stash vehicle then admins shoudl be allowed to spawn it into the world in the last place it was parked. But it should be down to the LSPD to hunt for the vehicle. If a stash car is tucked away in an industrial area, or a scrapyard or out in the middle of nowhere then its up to them to find it.
  13. I am Sam.... i am also fat..... FatSam!
  14. I do agree that having them behind a donator rank isn't the worst thing in the world, at the end of the day the server needs to make money and this is a good way to do it that isn't going to have a massive impact on the server itself in terms of limiting RP. Having them behind a donation wall will also limit the number that will be spawned at any one time and allow the server to run smoother. As far as the pets themselves GTAW did implement dogs so i know it can be done, and aslong as its synced well and the AI isn't garbage I'm all for it
  15. I cant be out on it today because of the rain so have a photo of it i took last week at work
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