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  1. Hard wit it homie, hope to see you do some shit with GTAV.
  2. Already knowin, this gone be the best one though watch this.
  3. Gone head and do ya'll due diligence Dulow sojas.
  4. My Snideyz niggas, let's do it.
  5. shmoe behind this, yeah this gone be fun.
  6. Reserved. If you plan on joining please take note of the following things stated below.
  7. You guys are dope, definitely will be in touch with you two in the near future.
  8. Some of the new animations added to the showroom.
  9. Thread updated, new animations added to the showroom.
  10. You talented homie, I'd like to see you do some shit like this on V homie.
  11. Updated street-signs, added "All-Way" signs on each corner, and also made the street-signs slightly bigger to better the QOL aspect.
  12. New! (Cuban Necklace w/ Cross Pendant, for MP Male and Female) Made from scratch using a few programs.
  13. my bad gang holdon lemme slide u a key
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