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LSRP Legends


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cant believe asesino hasnt got a mention

or kaylaspace

or bugs and LaVaughan Howard, all these people shaped the whole RP movement/style that became the ''norm'' of the server post 2013.

Dan who played Gjorgj Bajraktari (iirc) was nutty but a total gent behind his skitzo persona, he knew how to sell his character like a movie to the forums but unfortunately he did it all the wrong way.


especially kayla as she was one of the most levelheaded folks to ever grace LSRP, there would be a masssssive controversial issue on the forums being debated to death but shed' rock in and drop some wisdom like she was on this earth for centuries and was always a very kind person in general not to mention the only person to roleplay a female gangbanger correctly over like a 8 year period which is insane to think about.


also, Morrissey and Liam. The cutest LSRP couple ever. 

hope everybody is well though, from the shitters to the ''elitists'' we all had a part to play in shaping the server.


my personal all time legend will always be Mickey, the estonian. love ya buddy, i hope you made it through your illness ❤️

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