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  1. Congratulations to everyone!
  2. The whole community (all of the players and staff) are legends
  3. Hello everyone, Glad to see everyone back on track, I expect something good to come out of this. Previous characters Calvin Sheldon (PD), Jessica Montero, Kevin Kraeger and etc. Was part of the LS-RP mapping team and hopefully will be joining it again.
  4. I really like the idea you've shared with us. Maybe most of the systems need to be more advanced so we can have more roleplay opportunities. I believe the system needs to be somewhat hard to pass, in that way we're going to avoid people who are just trolling. Having someone actually roleplaying such character would be great for the server. Different parts of the vehicle should take more time in order to chop, like Turbo, Engine and brakes as it includes more complicated skills. Overall I support the idea, however it will be good if we share more opinions and at the end build something more advanced and cool for roleplay.
  5. Really happy to see that everything is happening again, this time in GTA V. We have a lot of opportunities now and so far the development is going really well. Looking forward to seeing more from the developers and how the community is being developed, however we have to put some efforts as well. I just became a member in Patreon and I hope it helps a little in order to assist money wise.
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