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  1. Best of the best, I know this shit won't be buns.
  2. MurderO


    Upper Echelon Faction.
  3. showing my support and love for this. The idea of San Andreas being an island is really lame in my opinion.
  4. maybe impose a tax on money winnings from gambling parlors to encourage players to go the illegal route.
  5. MurderO

    Damage System Preview

    different ammo is fire, keep it up.
  6. https://prnt.sc/26ho513 I'm not sure if you're aware @Doug Dimmadome but what Shmoe said doesn't differentiate in the slightest from what you're trying to affirm. You both are basically saying the same thing.
  7. I'd personally like to see a points based system in where different charges have different points associated with them (as seen in other communities). For example a player receives a 1st degree murder charge and is convicted. They get x amount of time in prison and coupled with that, the points that come with 1st degree murder get tacked on to the players record. The points is an accumulation based system where a player needs to reach a points threshold in order to be considered for a life sentence. This is the cleanest way in which I've seen the courts handled and it doesn't allow much for negotiation or reading in between the lines. Obviously you'll have multipliers and conditionals like the RICO act, Gang Enhancements, etc but the gist I hope I explained well enough. I'm not in favor of a three strikes law because one it's being abandoned in California due to mass incarceration, two not all crimes are one and the same, if you only attain a strike on capitol, or "high" level crimes then the only punishment you receive for something like a petty theft is the time served which is a consequence but not enough in my opinion. The fear needs to be there for criminal roleplayers to not stack up charges as it is in real life.
  8. Only way it'd work is damage on a gun was severely increased from vanilla GTA V.
  9. I think this could be a very important and positive addition to the server. Something to differentiate from the normal South Central that many of us have been rping in for years.
  10. To address your concern, I'm suggesting it under a new "supplier" role, meaning it's a limited thing, and the people who are picked are trusted.
  11. Overview. While I don't know how far the script can be stretched I do think this will not only bring more value to car theft but also open new opportunities in the criminal market as well as a new avenue of rp for criminals and LEOs alike. This system idea I have, if a script allows can bring life to car theft and value to RP. This system idea is to make use of the parts themselves rather than making knives and metal items out of them. How It Works A vehicle that is chopped would be brought to the chop shot location. Through RP and script parts will be removed from the vehicle and I mean physical parts. Scenario: A Sultan Classic is stolen off the street and brought to the chop shop. The Sultan itself has for example a level 2 exhaust, turbo, and any rims other than stock. The person or persons begin to dismantle the vehicle and instead of nameless car parts they receive the actual parts I named above. What now? Well there is a few routes the group can take. They can keep the parts for their own vehicles or sell them (most likely below a legal garage price) to a buyer. Parts that can be chopped: -Tires -Bumpers -Turbos -Rims -Exhaust -Hoods -Engine -Brakes. Parts: Parts should share the VIN to the vehicle they are originally spawned into server with purchase. Parts can be inspected by Deputies or Police if need be in cases that may involve stolen cars or parts. A common task of professional and rookie choppers to remove VINs from parts is to burn them off. Your more high scale choppers will use tools to engrave falsified numbers to make parts look legitimate. I think this could also be worked in possibly.. Stolen parts will be put in the garages inventory upon removal from the target vehicle and at that point can be used for sale or personal use. The Vehicle's Owner Now for this part I know a lot of people will have input and own ideas. The system as is I don't have issue with the person losing use of the vehicle for a few days and eventually they get it back. In my opinion I think for the sake of realism the person should lose their parts and have to repair their vehicle but I'm open to what staff and the server as a whole deems fair. How Would Staff Manage This? The main issue with a system like this is it becoming oversaturated and ridiculously over done. I think the permissions to have such a criminal enterprise should be regulated as firearms and drugs applications are. Approved by staff and a limited number of slots given to serious role-players and or factions to prevent abuse and a wave of poorly rped car thefts for the lust of money.
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