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  1. Anything as long as its not extra clothing slots or unlocking a specific clothing item. I believe players should all be given the right to own as much outfits as they want to express and portray their characters effectively. As previously brought up regarding the furniture slots, I'm keen on paying for a greater limit, however there should be an option to purchase the slots separately, instead of it being included in a typical bronze, silver, gold and platinum(?) package.
  2. My old username for almost everything used to be Acy so imagine I kept using the name, we would've almost been twins
  3. They look incredible, the Japanese themed ones match my setup
  4. Aura


    the mc reject returns but stronger
  5. 3 days in and I've once again amended out of excitement haha
  6. Aura

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    free post count boost
  7. I've probably amended my order about 4 to 5 times now while its still processing I went for the 3060 for now!
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