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  1. So I've looked at this server and it allows players to choose two different parents as well as two fully different skin-tones. I believe this should be implemented into the server to give players ability to role-play characters who may have different facial characteristics with different skin tones instead of limiting them to only two skin tones, that is aligned with their only two parents.
  2. Uhh, guess I'ma follow the trend LS-RP Fiend 2014-2019 Enjoyed LS:RP until all my friends moved on with their lives and stop playing so I had nothing else to play, then I found RAGE (). That specific server was pretty annoying to deal with especially staff members.. But Wassup...
  3. Social Media Website Maybe a lower post per page as well.
  4. Trigger Fingers In the year 2014, Multiple members of the Grape Street Crips were arrested; The war between the Grape Street Crips and the Bounty Hunter Bloods was at an ultimate high, members from both sides died and their feud would never end. One noticeable moment was when Grape Street member, Jamal Dorsey went on a hit with two other members of the street gang. The hit was specifically on two people who were assumed to be Bounty Hunter Blood members. They pulled aside them in the Black Sedan, with the notifying question "WHERE YOU FROM?!" Jamal yelled from the vehicle. 17 year old, Makai Dunn and 16-year-old Marquis Dubois were on their way home from school. The duo responded with "They're from around the area" which the area was a known place of the Bounty Hunter Bloods. Jamal placed his Glock out the window, with a gray bandana wrapped around the clip, and he fires multiple times striking the teenagers. Makai was hit multiple times in his chest, immediately dying to his injuries while Marquis was only hit once which wasn't fatal. The teenagers would be rushed to the hospital. Witnesses pointed out Jamal Dorsey after a description went out for him. About three months later Jamal Dorsey would be captured and taken into Los Santos County Jail where he would face life without parole. The two teens, who actually were from the Bounty Hunter Gang, had immediate retaliation for them. Drive-bys would happen between the two gangs, and it'll even get as disrespectful as kicking over candles from both gangs of fallen members. The war is still ongoing looking as if there will never be an end to the ongoing war between the two dangerous street gangs. Grape Street Crips currently being on top of the war. Rancho/Jordan Down Housing Rancho has never been a safe area, the area was known for the 1900's riots. Especially the riot of August 11-16, 1965. Riots were on-going everyday due to the police abuse. Stores were getting raided and the Black Panthers were known to be behind plenty of the riots as well. Holding guns on the side of the street watching over the African-Americans and Hispanics who were raided the streets of Rancho from street to street. There has been a lot of lost lives in the Rancho area, which makes everyone who lives in the area always aware of their surroundings. When losing your friends at a young age, your friend could've possibly been affiliated with the street gang which makes you want to get down with the group to get payback on the group that murdered your friend, which is exactly how it goes in the street life. It's a scary sight to see a person you were in daycare with die right in front of you because they chose a specific life, where they believed they were the safest. Jordan High School The Jordan High School is one of the schools polluted with the Grape Street Crip/Varrio Grape 13 gang. Growing up in the area most teenagers would choose the gang life some people love the culture and others do it for an actual reason, making them actually feel wanted or even have a family. Modern African American Culture After the year 1990, it seemed to be a huge rise in broken families in the African American family, you would see the ratio of the African American is the most families without both parents, since 1994. The Crime Act during this time sent away a bunch of gang members leaving them without any parole to get out of jail, as they'll sit up for the maximum charges. Committing a crime you might as just change your identity, and leave the entire country, once you are caught you're immediately going to get sent up for life without parole. It was easy to commit a crime but hard to beat it, because if you were caught it'll mean you've had a lot of obvious evidence which points towards you doing the crime. And since this was still in the Crack epidemic, the gang-wars over money was still at the high, and the younger fathers would be killed in the street-wars over the cash, territory, and the respect of an area, the most earners always won the war at the end of the day being allowed to buy the better guns, cars, and get access to the better product than other gangs. Hood Tattoos & Whackouts With the new era gang-banging getting a tattoo of your set like "Grape Street" isn't the wave, there are logos that represent each set with a specific reason of that logo. For Instance obviously being from the Grape Street Crips, you would think about a Grapes which is something that the street-gang represents. To the right you can see one of the members from the Jordan Down Gang that has "Gutta Gang" a clique from the street-gang and a Grape under it supporting the Jordan Down Crips. People that don't really care about there enemies decide to tattoo logos from their enemies set and cross them out on their face. These are the people who may've done dirty work against that specific group (shootings, stabbings, beatings). These people are easy to give the gang enhancements when arrested though. Gang Units look out of tattoos whenever they arrest people from low-income area as its easy to identify which gang they're from and how much they're affiliated with the gang. This includes the baseball teams, football teams, or even a couple numbers which the set may use. Grape Street Crips The Grape Street Rancho Crips are primarily an active African-American street gang located in the Jordan Down Housing Projects/Rancho Projects on the East Side of Rancho, in South Central, Los Santos. The Grape Street Crips are known for their color of purple to represent their gang, and they are known to be affiliated with the Gangster Crip (3x) card but are one of the only gangs under this card to claim the Rollin' 30s Crips as a neutral group towards them The Grape Street Crips share various cliques with their main one being the Baby Locs. "Three-Tones" from the Grape Street Crips, an OG from was murdered by an East Coast Crip member which sparked a massive war between the two rival gangs. The murder rate was high in the Rancho area due to this death. Which added on the dangers of living in Rancho. People who weren't affiliated with any side was killed just because of their skin complexion sometimes. Even the Varrio Grapes joined in on the war with the Grape Street Crips. The clique names of the Grape Street Crips are Baby Locs, 103 Street, Dust Town, Bandera Blocc, and a lot of others which were made with the young generation of the ages 14-16. They're the largest Crip gang in the Rancho area. Baby Locs were originally made by the Hispanics from the Varrio Grape 13, who then drifted off with their 13 moniker from the Mexican Mafia alliance. The Grape Street Crips also have a very close alliance with the Hoover Criminals. Varrio Grape 13 The Grape Street Crips originally came off from the Varrio Grapes a street-gang of the Mexicans of Rancho which eventually got mixed in with African Americans, who then made their own branch of the Mexican Gang and claimed the Jordan Down Housing Projects as their heart of the hood. Both gangs has preserved an alliance with each other throughout generations. Although, the two gangs parted ways, they maintain a close relationship, and share common enemies such as the East Coast Crips. The street-gang also has a bit of African Americans from their set. In the 70's the Hispanic members joined the Mexican Mafia which gave them the 13 behind their name and their name became "South Side Varrio Grape 13". The beef between the Varrio Grape and the Fudge Town Mafia Crips was the biggest from the two gangs which despised each other due to the maximum blood-shed between the two sets. Varrio Grape 13 has three cliques, the Tiny Wynos, Gangster Locos, and the TRS. OOC Information: Jordan Downs is a high quality, deep creative group based off of the Grape Street Watts Crips in South Central, Los Angeles. Originally the Grape Street Watts Crips, were called Varrio Watts Grapes, showing how much they favorited the Hispanics in their area until the Cripping came to the Watts. The Grape Street Watts Crips are the biggest Crip gang in the Watts area with their projects also being called Jordan Down Projects. When joining this specific faction maintaining a good portrayal of your character with screens to back up the development will be in your favor as you grow as a member from one of the sides (Grape Street Crips or Varrio Grape 13). These two sets do come together a lot, and share the same enemies and they'll also jump into wars to help each other. Character Portrayal: Make your character have some realistic traits, your character shouldn't be 6'5 at fourteen, be different from everyone else. Be unique so everyone doesn't look the same, ages for a local should be from 12-16 years of age, the youngest you go most of the time gives you the best role-play to do as a person around the Projects. There is a mod-pack being worked on for people in the Jordan Downs area. When joining the discord place down the information for your character in the "Resident-Information" channel which will also consist of your character-kill permission, which hopefully won't be used internally but to better the role-play. Don't give up on portrayal early stay consistent. Leadership: Hello I'm, Shiesty/Murdah either one is fine, I've been planning this Grape Street concept for LS:RP since around early this year with about 15 other people wanting to assist with it. I have ran other groups in different servers. My main focus as a Faction Leader is to bring the fun aspect out of the Illegal Community instead of the same thing day-to-day, I'm not for the shooting over and over, I enjoy the deep development of characters and flaws that a character may have overall to make them a good storyline. Not all concepts can be on for so long, not all last but this I can ensure I'll be going for a long time until whatever stops me from developing this exact group. If you have any questions about this specific group, you either join the discord to get mines or add/message me on discord Murdah#0003 I'll be sure to respond back immediately. Discord Invite: Welcome To The Jordan Downs: Jordan Down Projects
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