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  1. Damien0815

    July Update

    this and lsrp is going to have 1000 players daily
  2. Damien0815

    July Update

    the circle closes (it was always planned for summer 2022)
  3. lol the server is doomed because one person (you) got banned
  4. Damien0815


    give us our embeds back
  5. Breadfish Roleplay, which was the first real German roleplay server in the whole scene. Never had real success but it was fun nonetheless @Kingston AT
  6. the server comes out in 5 dabloons (approximately)
  7. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  8. Damien0815


    looking what yall doing here
  9. damn baker with 4 different backgrounds. i like
  11. Damien0815

    Release Update

    all the best for you and your family. get these guys.
  12. yep the sliders quite weird to handle as you cant move them smoothly but rather have to click on the position you want to have them :----/
  13. Very good additions and promotions! (expect for nova maybe )
  14. im gonna raid all of them
  15. the real chief of detectives
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