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  1. gonna declare on my taxes i own a bakery for making that much bread
  2. Hah, I was thinking of making weekly/monthly covers of the most coveted events of both sides of the board - though that needs some intense dedication and constant scourging. good luck nonetheless
  3. That's where the Procopio airport would come into play - possibly replacing Sandy Shores entirely or even adding to it should the Sandy Dragstrip not be a permanent thing.
  4. I think something very gamechanging that may have never been done or thought of. That'd be a fourth airstrip and second airport up north. It'd create not only diversity within aerial roleplay but also open the doors to several more possibilities and even divert some more attention towards the northern part of the map. I do think it could use a bit of rework, perhaps fix the roads and add fencing and so on. https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/procopio-international-airport https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/sandy-drag-strip https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/brotherhood-quarry-fivem-sp-ymap Finding some asphalt tracks with rails and all that is hard because it'd imply either adding massive landmasses that don't exist or alternatively shutdown and modify existing roads.
  5. Alright, so I'll divide my answer in two sections. Wild animals: These should, if scripted in, be inserted along with not only a hunting feature but also to fulfill the emptiness or otherwise emphasize the danger of certain areas with animals such as coyotes and mountain lions. They should also be fit, depending on the animal model chosen for the npc, fit into 1 of 3 caterogies: -Passive (Runs away from players should a certain distance limit be broken, say 30m) -Conservative (Enters a state of alert should the distance limit of (for example) 30m be broken, and alternatively attack should it or the player(s) get closer than half of the alert's radius) -Aggressive (As the name states, these animals should have a wider radius of detection (for example 45m) and make their presence known, alternatively enter an immediate state of aggressiveness should it or the player(s) get closer than, for example, 30-40m. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domestic animals: These should, if scripted in, consist of no attacking/tackling features whatsoever, and: -If scripted in, make the animals plain NPCs whose only commands are to follow, roam, come to, sit, lay, sleep. Be they dogs, cats or anything else that could be modded in as a pet and follow these capabilities. There should also be a menu where the player can select which animal breed of their selected species can be (if such alternatives are available) and to also not only name but to give their pets a description. -Allow a specific faction-only feature, cost-free (should these pets be made donator only), where these trained K9 units would be able to sniff weapons, drugs, stashes + the commands mentioned above. A list and a heavy moderative system would have to be put in place by the factions to know which K9 Officer could sniff guns and which could sniff drugs, to prevent abuse and unrealism, such as: -Officer John Doe, K9 Sergeant 'Zero' - Weapons Detail -Officer Jane Doe, K9 Sergeant 'Ophelia' - Drugs Detail Officer John could only utilize the command which allowed his K9 to sniff an individual or area for guns, and should he utilize the drug sniffing command - for it to be prohibited/prevented (not scriptly, just through list alone) to be roleplayed as it would constitute Powergaming by the LEO half. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personal opinion: I agree with Natasha and the smaller group in that these pets should either be free from a pet store or through a permanent/one-time donation. Alternatively, make said pet store and allow each character slot to have one single pet at a time - and perhaps make donations available to increase the pet slots (one-time fee of $10 per slot, up to a maximum of 4). This should in no way allow players to spawn more than one pet though.
  6. + another 1500 hours back when it was a solo launcher/not even on steam. I've put more money in it than I'd like to admit, made tons of footage and photos off it, and still play it since 2014. here's my most viewed video for reference
  7. Owning Tarkov and really finding myself to dislike it's full effort - no permanent reward setting. I found Hunt to be far better in this regard. I know I can lose a character, but I get more money than I spend either way - so it's always fun to bumrush into a match or take it nice and slow, knowing that the time I spend playing is always in prole of fun and not an incessant grind.
  8. Silk.


    Absolutely love playing it when I boot it up. Big fan of the HAT and Combat Engineer kits - since I'm quite decent at calculating distance to targets and slamming a whole ass HEAT round on an IFV. That and either Medic, Sharpshooter/Sniper or Tank Crewman.
  9. Passed it in 10 hours after it's release on day 1. I love the game to bits even though I don't play it as much as I'd like to. And with the continuous modding from the playerbase and support to fix a rushed game. I feel like it'll go far - although if it hadn't been offered to me, I wouldn't have bought it.
  10. Definitely Vice City as this is the only area within the Rockstar Universe that's yet to have an HD rendition. Or either another San Andreas, with speculations into areas like San Fierro and Las Venturas. But given Rockstar's tweets and lots of speculation, I'd bet a solid 90% on Vice City and the surrounding thoughts regarding the still strong narco trade. As for the small word of mouth that it might be a female character, I'm unsure. Though I can't wait for more Tony Montana references in 2022-2023.
  11. Silk.

    Damage System Preview

    moonbeam raids are gonna be a thing now
  12. I don't see why it'd have to be black and white. I'm sure there's run of the mill white collars that would do what they must to get a medical order to be able to consume dispensary marijuana - and others would most likely resort to hitting up your local dubious dealer for the cheap rastafari smoke just to lay back and have some fun for a low price. I'm sure that having a thicker safezone between outright arrest and just confiscating produce is better, since it gives leniency to those who'd hate to go to jail for a while over a gram or two - whilst keeping things interesting enough for the more illegal side of things.
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