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  1. Never thought about the aging factor! That's right. I forgot how customizable things will be.
  2. You should totally join! We need members that have the same drive we do.
  3. I do believe there should be circumstances where you'd be able to change your character's appearance and this is mostly due to the fact that after initially creating your character, it will look slightly different than what you expected since the lighting changes from the create-a-character part in the beginning. On top of that, if you namechange... then what? You're stuck with that appearance? Nah. Cannot be happening. I'm sure there's something in place. There should be limits but it shouldn't be not allowed at all. For example, after a namechange, you can change the parents like someone mentioned above. People do get plastic surgery often and especially in the "Los Angeles" area, right? Lol. Hopefully this'll be looked into further.
  4. After reading this overall suggestion, I was like ugh... I wouldn't want to know anyone's exhaust, engine info and what not. If it's just to describe a messy interior, a for sale sign, bumper stickers, a significant scratch or dent on the vehicle itself from an accident, etc. Simple stuff like that. I wouldn't want it being visible at all times but rather using a command like explained by others. Neat.
  5. Genny

    Words Game

  6. i was born with the name Gennifer and it's just too long so Genny it is, duh
  7. posting multiple times in every single one of these kinds of threads
  8. Fuck, Kill, Marry Tammy Hembrow, Gabbie Carter, Jordyn Woods
  9. Omg! Lol. I was struggling on the third horde night on the Darkness Falls mod. It's crazy. Darkness Falls just updated to the latest version and he added a lot to it from the last time I played it about a year ago. It's so fun.
  10. Genny

    Genny 💕

    i will, i will damien but with a 0815 my bad
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