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  1. I've offered my help in the past with development (not to brag but the tech used here at Rage/LSRP is my bread and butter in my real life job, and I've developed a thing or two with Rage). The response I got was that spending time on onboarding won't help, so it seems like a chicken and egg situation. I'm still happily offering my help with development.
  2. Hi Super excited about LS-RP moving over to RageMP. It's awesome to think that we have 5+ years ahead of us of LS-RP on steroids! My name is Ariel, I started in LS-RP around 2010 (aka Fright). Played as a police officer (Matthew Blackwell) during Michael Houston's era as Chief of Police. Looking forward to applying and joining LSPD again. Apart from RPing, I work as Head of Engineering in real life - well familiar with tech like Node.js, TypeScript, React, AWS and what not. Love building large scale systems. I also have some online courses on Udemy with 150k+ students, and overall really love coding as well as working with people. I got into coding from SA-MP days and scripting in Pawn Still not sure what exactly my character's going to be like IC. But it's gonna be a cop for sure! See you all in game
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