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  1. runecrafting makes me want to die so badly
  2. Yeah, I've been playing the og game since 06 and hopped into osrs in 2015 and going strong. I take long breaks from it but I always come back to my comfort game I want that quest cape bro
  3. Agreed. I did some searching and think the following locations are suitable. I think there's a suitable amount of space between the three of them and are in fairly good areas.
  4. I strongly disagree with the airport. The airport isn't nearly as far away in V as it is in SA but it's still far enough away. And it can be discouraging especially to new players if there's nobody around except you and you're stuck at an airport and you can't find anything to do.
  5. Would also be useful for game crashes/server restarts and the like.
  6. As many LS-RP people know, the spawn on the SAMP server was the airport. The airport is a solid 5-10 minute run/walk into the city where any sort of RP might be. While there are frequently taxis available during peak hours, these taxis may dwindle to near none. There's no real beneficial reason to have the spawn all the way at the airport. Does the staff have an idea for where the spawn may be for LSRP-V? Or how spawning will work in general? Will it work similarly to SAMP's, where you spawn at a 'default' location, unless you own/rent a home or are in a faction? I think it'd be neat to have a few select areas for spawn, though that does leave room for abuse for one to log in/out and hop spawn areas.
  7. san andreas lead me to samp which ruined my life 0/10
  8. I am actually super in favor something like this, just for aesthetic purposes. I'm not sure, though, because it looks like you move faster with this sort of animation. Would be nice to be some sort of style set, like a walkstyle or something.
  9. revamped that mf faction thread

  11. I've always wanted a really well-done and in-depth vehicle theft system with actual reward and loss and whatnot. However, it can definitely get overdone and just becomes an issue.
  12. SUFFRUTEX Noun.— low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
  13. only 0.9% there boys
  14. Classic yet modern, 7.5/10
  15. I don't think tapping on a bike is a thing anymore either
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