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  1. Seen you do it before ik you got this in the bag sai lo
  2. Vandalizing military property and just generally being a kleptomaniac while on base. If someone has an M72 LAW in the car and just leaves it's basically on them at that point.
  3. +1 definitely would like to see player-owned businesses up and running as soon as possible. Feels like it would be really awkward without any.
  4. FMT is the best faction. Since I've made the best argument I allow you to lock this thread.
  5. I don't think hunting should be a scriptwise job. If you have the means to do it, do it. Sell whatever you hunt to a person or shop, maybe make a rug out of it or something. Have hunting permits to add an illegal side and market to the mix. I think that would be neater than automatically rewarding people with money for shooting at stuff.
  6. I love that someone made a guide touching on this subject and I love you for doing it. Heart emoji. Thumbs up emoji.
  7. Personally, I expect payphones to be implemented from launch. Placement wouldn't be an issue since the map is littered with them iirc. There were times on lsrp samp where I would use payphones more often than my phone. Burners would also be excellent but honestly, not having them wouldn't be a huge problem.
  8. Take all the time you need, at this point waiting another two months is practically nothing. The people who would dip because of that probably wouldn't have played long on the server in the first place. Like a few other people have said already, first impressions matter a hell of a lot. Monkey brain neuron need excitement.
  9. P r e a c h . If you want to have a fully functioning legal system you can't just leave all of it to the police department, courts are a massive part and need to have way more influence now. I imagine you could instantly get a whole group of people who want to try out being public defendants, and then some more experienced people would probably go private sector. Prison sentence length really is a finicky subject but I like the idea you pitched here, personally.
  10. Would love to see roosters scripted in for cock fights. Tons of illegal underworld potential with the whole subject of animals. Imagine stealing farm animals.
  11. Not sure if this is doable or not but I think it would be truly epic if you had people going around driving Dock Handlers and moving shipping containers, placing them in designated areas or loading them on trucks. Especially if the shipping container's have their own inventories and thus theres an actual point in shipping them to a business rather than just going point A to point B like a scripted job.
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