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  1. about as good as it's gonna get, GTAW has basically committed suicide in the past month and illegal roleplay there is currently next to non-existent I thought LSRP had missed its time to release but with how badly Nervous fucked up with the LC server I could legitimately see GTAW dying off if this releases soon I'm sure that instead nothing will be done though. edit: another possibility is that releasing LSRP would just split the increasingly tiny playerbase for heavy English text roleplay on RAGEMP and completely kill the scene but o well
  2. its pretty funny that the above poster got mad as shit at an obvious troll and made a bunch of stupid ass arguments about not traumatizing people with lines of text in a GTA game instead of just calling you a weirdo, talk about impotent rage thanks for keeping this forum alive, OP, best post here in months (not that anyone posts here lol), got a chuckle out of me.
  3. This is just great comedy at this point. Every new staff post we get another bizarre bit of information like jannies below administration (of what? there's no server LOL) not being allowed to contact mmartin, taking a million years to perform basic tasks like writing a summary of a meeting or a man's incapability of, in the year of our lord 2022, having an internet connection for 5 minutes during an entire month or more.
  4. Gonna delete this thread too? I'm sure that'll bring back everyone who left cuz this shit is a year behind schedule LOL
  5. What a joke. What is this, the 4th or 5th delay? And now not even a release date? Personally my interest has essentially disappeared. There's no way you ever thought the server was going to be fit for release 4 months ago and now can't even give us an estimate lmfao. If this server even ever releases (at this point, I wouldn't bet on it), it will likely be DOA. As someone else said, you can only ride the nostalgia train for so long.
  6. RageMP is not MTA or SAMP. It cannot handle the load. People have been trying to tell you this the entire thread. It's not about what we want, it's about what is FEASIBLE for the server.
  7. Six clubs? At my most optimistic estimate I think we'll get like 400~ players every night (and this is very optimistic past the first few days). That's a nightclub per 66 players. If we end up with 300, that's one for every 50. And that's not counting the 6 players and other staff each nightclub needs to have. Should be limited to two. One high/mid end and one low end. Edit: Six clubs and one bar (in Vinewood). No pawnshops, no restaurants or anything else more low-key? This isn't the way to go imo.
  8. RageMP isn't nearly as stable as SAMP and MTA were (lol) so I don't know if this is a good idea. Maybe keep them spawned on a hour or so timer if possible, as a compromise?
  9. That sounds very good and like the perfect solution to my problem.
  10. I'm sure many will be available. But what's the actual plus of limiting roleplay this badly when going by caliber and general similarities to allow people to roleplay what they want is much simpler and beneficial to RP? What issue has there ever been with people roleplaying different firearms as long as they're similar to what's in the game? There's no point in adding every Glock generation into the game as a different gun when you can just say so in a /do and let people roleplay having an older or newer model. I believe we should be allowed to roleplay weapons as whatever we want as long as they're fairly similar. Roleplaying my AK as a vz. 58 or my SNS as a PF-9 isn't exactly going to hurt anyone. But the gun you have in the script won't. It will do the same damage, expend the same ammunition and be reloaded the same way. It doesn't matter if you're RPing having some piece of shit Jimenez Arms 9mm or a modern Taurus g3c. It's just RP flavor that never hurt anyone and can add to a character. Stifling roleplay like this is incredibly unnecessary for the very few gains to be had.
  11. Not gonna lie I was thinking everyone had already silently agreed to ignore that for being really stupid However, now that I'm reading this with more attention, the part about weapons feels wrong to me. It unnecessarily limits weapons roleplay and makes it far blander. Why not just force you to roleplay a weapon with an appropriate caliber, which, while it does rule out a lot of exotic firearms, still gives you at least some freedom?
  12. Pretend there's a fictional river on the north ocean side of the map. Problem solved. Just kidding. Anyways is this really that big a debate though? Replace the state with SA and call it a day. I never referred to VC, LC, SF or LV much myself but I really don't care if it's "allowed" (no matter how much you want to, new players WILL still mention it) or not.
  13. Roleplaying LS as an island would be absolutely bizarre. The map limitations suck but I think we're all smart enough to pretend we're not in the middle of the ocean.
  14. Getting on the character customization server reminded me of how much I hate GTAV's version of it. Any word on when/if we're gonna get ped skins? All the hairstyles look like complete ass and I don't want to regress to spamming /ame's so I can properly RP a fat character.
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