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  1. I might be wrong, but later down the line we'll have server-side mods for specific weapon models, however we'll still be keeping the vanilla weapons to give players the option of roleplaying custom weapons not covered by the script. For example, you use the GTA V vanilla combat pistol but can roleplay it as whatever realistic 9mm pistol you want that isn't already modded onto the server.
  2. This directly contradicts that, which is why it needs to be properly ironed out with a thread on server continuity, not just "Ben said this", "Mmartin said that". Maybe the faction team can work out the server's lore like Chuckles has suggested.
  3. Los Santos and San Andreas is a direct copy of Los Angeles and California, having the two co-exist is confusing and doesn't make a lot of sense. Replacing Los Angeles and California with Los Santos and San Andreas is the only option that makes sense realistically, the geography of Los Santos and it being an island in the game is almost entirely due to game limitations; having a copied and pasted Los Angeles, plonking it off the coast of California and calling it Los Santos is a little ridiculous.
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    wys deirdre? good transfer that. pvrp athletic to lsrp fc on a free, madness charted
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    Holding HTR and VRA.
  6. They need to be restricted and should, in some cases, be requested. Nobody should be able to drive around in a Lamborghini because they grinded the garbage job for 500 hours. The ownership of cars should be based around character development, not your OOC assets. Make the 1% mean the 1%.
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