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  1. Overrated: There's always this one gangster that no one can touch and he rules over whatever is around him and doesn't really follow the rules of RP is truly overrated and I've had enough of those dudes back in SAMP LSRP. Douche/Mallrat RP, poorly RP'ed rich life with fancy clothes and stuff. People who own JDM cars and drive or drift in the streets of the city causing pursuits. Underrated: Any RP other than those above
  2. Still, I think grinding in daily basis will help the players pay the weekly tax
  3. Restrict exotic vehicles at all costs Why?: Players will get starter paycheck and/or grind hard for a week or so and will go buy one of many super cars that GTA V has to offer, it will ruin the environment of the server in the starting days and there won't be any kind of interesting RP than rich people driving around with super cars and hitting the clubs or causing pursuits. To prevent this from happening, I have a few solutions in mind. What should be done?: 1. Restrict/Remove the great variety of exotic vehicles and only make fair amount of them available for public only. 2. Sell this vehicles to trusted players with clean admin records through Auctions or Lease. Price, tax and expenses of the leased exotic cars should be fairly high so not everyone but people who are truly wealthy will be able to drive them and there'll atleast be a small difference between wealthy player and player who *acts* wealthy. 3. There'll be a set of strict rules and if the player who possess the car break this rules, they'll get their vehicle removed without a refund. 4. Player should have a good character background, clean admin record, fairly roleplayed life of his character that shows how they reached to that kind of money, etc. How will this help?: I think it will help the server have more serious RP than the stuff said above and it'll create new roleplay opportunities for different layers of players in the server.
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