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  1. this will never open lmao isn't this obvious by now? last update was in July when they said the server is opening in August. It's October. Just let it go and move on.
  2. nice to see that from Sunday this got 2 comments lmao lsrp is so dead poor mmartin no more gambling money for u sir!
  3. ok so 13th of july is the open day boys and girls
  4. it's like the kids that say it's never their fault but they ruin the fun for everyone. management should accept this as it is and will be: dead lol. even open or closed. (waiting for someone to probably ban/mute me and delete my posts anyways)
  5. Just give up guys, Mmartin has been on holiday in Slovenia for the last days, right after he came back out of nowhere saying the Sunday meeting will be postponed. Dude's living his life lmao.
  6. LSRP would've been great if people like Mmartin would be kept away, he's just lying to everyone for months giving fucked up reasons and thinking that everyone will buy his lies for the 100th time lol. This will never see the day of light, and even if that happens, it'll be a massive L because no one will return here, for the obvious reasons. LSRP was great when you played it with your friends and enjoyed it, but looking back, there was hardly any activity regarding updates or implementing new features. People kept donating regardless of that, and that's why Suggestions were locked for years :). To whoever still hopes this opens up, just move on and remember LSRP as a good old memory where you learned wonderful stuff and met great people. For me LSRP was logging in in Carson for around 3 years and spending hours and hours trying to bring some action in the county. Having barbecues and talking about aliens and basically just having fun. LSRP was when your mIRC would ping and your PC would buzz like hell. LSRP was when you spent many nights playing with your friends and simply had fun with almost nothing. LSRP was. I've tried to join this once I saw the GTA V server and I was surprised to see updates being pushed regularly, but what happened since March proves me that I wasn't wrong - LSRP will be LSRP. It's too late to return and try to change something now, any excuse is useless and no one will ever believe anyone in the Lead Staff anymore. Zero transparency = zero players. Whatever and whenever opens here, it'll be either old relics playing for the nostalgia, or banned players that are not accepted anywhere else by now. And the relics will leave as soon as they realize that. i'm probably getting banned from this forum by now, but I've seen enough crazy shit in my time here.
  7. Socrates

    March Release Update

    seconding this - I totally agree with Allegra here. I thought LS:RP has changed its strategy a bit but it's the same old strategy that's been going since 2015.
  8. it all depends on the mood and what I do. I go from craft beer, usually red ale, to whiskey and scotch. I like wine, I have this little italian place next to me and the lady always recommends good wines - depending on what I cook for dinner. I like gin, with tonic water. Whiskey with an ice cube Ron de Jeremy - very good these are usually the drink that I enjoy, but it’s based on what I do that day - if it’s a mens night I’m going for beer of course.
  9. This sounds fine, but as someone else said, this is nice to have later on. One time payment sounds more reasonable rather than a monthly payment, that would interfere with the roleplay itself and it’s not so nice to have your animal taken away. Not sure how it goes, if everyone can see the dog and if the dog can move, play, eat food, etc - like the dog Franklin had. If that’s the case, I’d love to own a dog to take me to the forest with me, definitely!
  10. Currently there’s an ongoing talk about music scene in LSRP and how it will be realistically portrayed. hopefully all the discussions will lead to it.
  11. I remember when I joined LSRP after leaving it for like 3 years and it was an earthquake/meteorite event and I had no idea that was going on, so I was so freaking confuse about the whole map being turned upside down and why are 600 players but not a single soul in Los Santos. Then I realized that FD was trying to rescue me to take me to the shelters and my first encounter with rp was a lemon stand where people came to buy in the shelters. afterwards I ran a “charity business” where I used to wear a suit and ask politicians for money, not very proud of it tbh.
  12. this sounds like the best option, with the UCP. I doubt people will abuse it because it’s quite hard to find something disturbing to play, but it would be nice to be limited to inside areas where it wouldn’t mess things up. for open areas, a boom box with the classic stations would probably be enough. and I believe that no one said to stop the customized music to Djs, it was only a point of view. realistically speaking, anyone can listen to their own music. It would be nice to see a headphone feature where you can listen to your own tracks uploaded by UCP as a simple citizen, not necessarily in a car or a building, and you’d be the only one hearing the music - but this feature can wait, it’s not so important in my view
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