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  1. So long as there is a reliable house storage script you should not be allowed to park a vehicle with weapons / drugs, no. If you choose to leave drugs / weapons in your car and someone breaks in then as far as I’m concerned it’s fair game.
  2. Finch

    2009 techno

    Couldn’t agree more. Just shared this with my 6 year old son - this is the sort of music I used to listen to as a younger teenager.
  3. You will. Over and over again. This has has a steep learning curve but it’s worth it if you’ve got the patience!
  4. Fresh economy. Fresh map and fresh ideas for role-play. Endless possibilities with the script compared to SA:MP. Also looking forward to a more mature community and less toxicity if at all possible.
  5. Original battlefront 2 on ps2 or xbox for sure. Would happily replay the first KOTOR over and over, game was really decent. Would be nice if they ended up releasing another RPG along the same sort of lines. Jedi Knight Jedi Academy was also dope. First proper "realistic" saber sword fights and use of force powers.
  6. Too many stereotypes during gang, mafia or police roleplay. Be nice to see some real character development and I'd like to mirror the above - fear of injuries or situations. People who actually role-play fear of injuries or situations in general is hugely underrated. Unfortunately seemed to become the norm to role-play super humans despite which faction they were in which is a shame.
  7. Really fucked up and the english dub was terrible but I found it a decent enough series.
  8. Finch

    New World

    Damn, nice clip and outplay. Currently level 32 on Tir Na Nog. Running a tank build at the moment.
  9. Dexter, Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad spring to mind.
  10. Finch

    Internet & Updates

    Looks like a really cool feature. If we end up with another sort of "faceinvader" style social media site, will this be accessible from the in-game mobile too?
  11. Looking really good. Hoping to see how this expands with a larger clothing collection and I agree that real life clothing brands would be good.
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