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  1. Frontline soldier in WW3. - Would you rather know the secrets of the universe (no matter how extreme they are and/or the horrific things you may see), or, never touch any drug in your entire life (this being illegal and legal drugs).
  2. I think that when you get into the sticky latter of forcing people into doing things, it doesn't end out as well as you may think, not everyone (including myself) would agree with the decisions of a forced CK however lengthy prison times have ALWAYS been a thing on LSRP, even back in the golden era of SAMP you'd get tons of hours racked up if you committed any sort or type of felony action. So I can mainly agree with this, however I don't really believe that anyone should be forced into CKING a character, unless there are certain T&C's met.
  3. Big ups to man like Drug Money, man like NASTY, and any of the mandem that was in Felton Avenue. Any of the former legends, holla at me.
  4. It'd be nice to browse back through the old history of LSRP and post up some of the stuff we've experienced throughout the years. I'll go first with a random collection of old screens I had found on my PC. -- That's all I could find, feel free to put whatever on here... (NO ERP). --
  5. Longos 13 - Magellan Avenue The Varrio Longos 13 is a predominantly Mexican-American street gang that originated in the 1960s, as a single gang. By the 1970s, members broke off forming two groups known as the west and east side Longos, but due to the internal fighting and violence, the northside Longo we're the last part of the gang to emerge. The name would originate from the word "Long" they adapted the X13 (sureno) sometime in the 1970s. Like all other Sureno gangs, they pay their respect to the Mexican Mafia (La Eme). Longos 13 are considered to be the biggest gang in Vespucci, which allows them to take on multiple gangs at once. Longo's took control of different areas throughout Vespucci through their subsets, as a united front they're currently raising tensions with ABZ and anyone that's come to the area trying to claim their turf, so far the group have been seen in a couple brawls situated around Magellan Avenue, alongside other crimes such as drug trafficking, robbery, murder, burglary, and, some other crimes which have so far been kept under the radar. It was previously noted that due to one of the big homies being jumped by numerous members of ABZ, graffiti has appeared in their territory, alongside some videos of Longos 13 provoking younger members of the rival gang, tensions have slowly been rising through brutal brawls and comments over FaceBrowser, with Longos attempting to take a strong hand against their enemies. Longos 13 - The Various Cliques Northside Longo The Northside Longos is the smallest of the 3 sets, but they are the largest in Northside Vespucci, They claim areas such as Del Perro Boulevard and Atesia Boulevard, they are surrounded by Segundo to the North and Carson to the West. This puts the gang in direct tension of the Dominguez Varrio 13, The Northside Longos have several active cliques; Pee Wees, Youngsters, Baby Gangsters, Sun Rise Boys, Sun Set Boys and the Baby Gangsters. Eastside Longo Currently, Eastside Longo is the most established set amongst the three, managing to obtain the most members throughout their time, they have thrived on criminal activity, due to their OG being attacked by the ABZ, tensions have started to rise between the pair, currently the other cliques have supported them as ABZ have always been a natural enemy to the Longos, they've been very aggressive with their approach toward others and have participated in many crimes throughout the Vespucci area, causing the crime rate to rise sufficiently, they are known to share their territory with the Rollin 20's. Westside Longo The Westside Longo's hood stretches from Del Perro Coast Highway, they share the area with the Rollin 80's, Westside Longo have several known and active cliques Cyclones, Termites, Stoners, Summit Canal Locos, Tiny Locos, Tiny Locas and the Wynas both of them being female cliques, they're usually seen posted along the block in hefty numbers. Longos 13 - Dominating Vespucci The gang's harsh treatment of Asian immigrants led to the rise of the Tiny Rascal Gang and Asian Boyz two of their most bitter rivals, among other Asian gangs, and the Tiny Rascals and Longos became engaged in a deadly feud in the early 1990s after a carload of Tiny Rascals shot and killed a 16-year-old Longo in 1989. The Longos responded by killing several Tiny Rascals, turning the streets into a killing zone. The gang would develop rivalries with the Fresno Bulldogs, the 18th Street Gang, the Nortenos, the Tiny Rascals, the Asian Boyz, Menace of Destruction, the Sons of Samoa, and the Big Circle Gang. The Longos have since been known to beef with the Tiny Rascal Gang, Asian Boys, Insane Crip, Rollin 20 Crips, Rollin 80 West Coast Crips, Satanas, Vietnamese Boyz Gang, Sons of Samoa, Vespucci EFCC, Crazy Brother Clan, Suicidal Town, Westside Islanders, Barrio Pobre, Toker Town Flats, Pinoy Real, Dominguez Varrio 13, 18th Street Gang, Bricc Boy Crips, Boulevard Mafia Crips. OOC Information Longos 13 has previously had a negative reputation for being a DM faction, however we wish to portray the faction in more of a realistic manner following the guidelines of IFM, currently we are participating in a Sureño based faction meaning that we will be aligning ourselves to the Mexican Mafia (La Eme), for anyone interested in joining or learning more about our faction, we currently have a discord open to the public that's free for anyone to join. https://discord.gg/PWbHDEQXN9
  6. This is perfect, I’ll be able to show some of the new people in my faction this masterpiece.
  7. Hey, might've seen me around on GTA RP, so excited to finallllllllllly play LSRP again.
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