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  1. I wouldn't mind making a slim few key areas named to something that hints at the old LS-RP. Legion Square could pretty easily be called Pershing Square for example. One of the small townships out in Blaine County wouldn't be too hard to pick up being called Fort Carson. That being said though, I think keeping the canon street names to the game would be best.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing it sync up with California, but I also think maybe halving the day could be good? Instead of 24 hours in a day/night cycle it could be 12, offset it some or maybe switch it up every month or so and people could get to play in both day and night fairly frequently. It's not like the real world time really holds much weight when it comes to RP.
  3. We finna see Tobar 2.0 here or whats up?
  4. this guy is pretty cool
  5. Still killing it with the art my man, solid.
  6. duuuuckieee It's all good brother. hi hey AlexBae
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