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Veterans of LS-RP


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On 1/16/2022 at 4:42 AM, Jay said:

Jay / iSmokeJay, 2008 vet from LSRP. 


Lead Locotes after Joey, Mario and Felipe until it got descripted in 2011, And I restarted it in 2017 when I had a short stint of returning to RP.


Enrique Fortuna - Los Locotes / SSL13


Hi o/


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On 1/23/2022 at 4:11 AM, Jay said:


Thanks bro, what was your chars name back them days? 


Memory doesn't serve me right. lol. But I am seeing familiar names here, good to see ppl still kickin about. 

I ain't been around LSRP in Locotes days, I been watching Clonez11's videos and trying to find the skinpacks you guys were using. Those were the golden days, in my opinion. Funny enough, the first ever time I joined LS:RP - Locotes were doing a photoshoot with Mr. Grifo on Unity Station's tracks. I knew who he was from youtube clips - so I walked up to yall, asked for his autograph and dipped. I don't even remember what year it was lol. 2010? 2011? This is crazy how long ago that was. Fully commited to LS:RP in 2012, under names of Roller / Dreams & Nightmares, but we barely interacted I think.


So yeah, you're an OG in my books. Good to see you here.

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3 minutes ago, Allegra said:

Aye back in 2011/12. The one who wore the tilted fedora because that was such a good idea at the time 🙄

 I remember you. 😄  Government HQ at courts 😄 and you being privileged going to VIPs with PD/SD/FD Chiefs and Francis Maurer :D. That motivated me to rank up on LS-RP 😄

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