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  1. lessgooooo. quiz was too easy, there finna be some newbies but idgaf, should make for some funny shit if anything
  2. it's prolly been touched on already by now, but yeah, I'm gonna say like... 95% of the cops i came across on LSRP looked like they were just copy n pastes- with as much personality as a piece of plywood, which just deadass discouraged me from even trying to rp with them as i knew they'd just CTRL+V some shit like ''Citizen: [BLANK]. You are committing: [CRIME]. Stop: immediately.'' on some AI shit, so i just popped them lol. just make sure y'all got the right people on-board this time and not John_Smith#53828782345.
  3. Char customization. Car customization. Criminal RP also boutta be lit asf, especially the shootouts 'n shit, since I'm thinking you'll also be able to mod your guns a li'l, couple that with the combat mechanics GTA V already has, and shit's gonna get really interesting. Literally boutta be a straight upgrade from SAMP. And, of course, nostalgia. Shittons of nostalgia.
  4. looool, i hopped on back in 2016, had a great time rping/trolling in the 187 crimson back at the stax corner
  5. don't forget about the economy bro LMAO, LSRP economy was goofy as shit, i hope we have some a bit more normal now
  6. lookin clean. make sure y'all add them flight/tactical boots for tha drill rp ya feel me wagwan
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