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  1. I'm excited to see what you got in store for us.
  2. I didn't word it right, I made this proposal as a way of saying I'd like to see more off duty roleplay but thank you for pointing some things out. At least when I played, the members only did onduty roleplay.
  3. Made my first account somewhere around 2009. Even though I didn't play much, I followed everything from the shadows.
  4. I've always been of the opinion that San Andreas is its own universe and should be treated as such. If it takes you five minutes to get to Sandy Shores from Los Santos, then five minutes is what it took. Why? Becouse if you roleplay that it takes two days to get back from Paleto, the other players around you will still roleplay that you've only been gone an hour because their characters haven't left town. It's just like prison time, X is arrested and comes back after 2 days as if he's been in prison for I don't know how many years, but for the other players it's only been 2 days in character and it creates too much of a continuity gap.
  5. Bujor - I don't remember his first name but he was the boss of IdleGas.
  6. You compare apples to pears. PD or SD are government agencies that have many gadgets like headset radios or bodycams which makes sense to use VOIP. Escaping PD should be hard.
  7. OOC We do not represent a sub faction or support club for anyone. We try to portray a chapter of The Camaradas Motorcycle club in the San Andreas as realistically as we can in line with the real life activities of such a group. For information or questions feel free to send a private message to @True Neutral.
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