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Los Angeles Gang Hats

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If you are fimiliar with gang-culture on the West-Coast, you should be aware of the fact that a simple baseball hat can get you killed. Gangs are known to wear hats of certain teams to represent where they are from. I will list the hats, their respective "press-ratio" (The higher the press-ratio, the more likely you are to get banged on, or shot for a hat.) I will only be listing MLB Teams, there are way too many hats to cover, tho I might update this in the future. Feel free to add non-factor gangs I left out in the comments below.


Atlanta Braves - Asian Boyz, Rollin Forties (Avenues)

- Not that bad of a hat to wear, you might get banged on depending what area you are going through, tho mostly safe. 4/10


Boston Red Sox - All Blood gangs, Blocc Crip (BFG), Rollin Sixties (Brynhurst Cartel), Hoovers (Bay-Bayz), Barrio Eighteenth Street

- This hat smells like cheap cologne and Newports, if I was you, I wouldn't even bother buying one, you might as well make a go-fund-me page. 9/10


Chicago White Sox - Rollin Sixties

- The only people who will wear this a lot of are some Compton Crip gangs and Mexican gangs. If you are Hispanic, this might get you pressed. 5/10


Cincinnati Reds - Campanella Park Piru

- Bompton niggas wear this, enough said. 7/10


Colorado Rockies - Grape Street Crip

- On Beezy! If you in Watts, don't wear this one. The only other people that wear this hat are actuall Rockies fans, who are mostly middle-aged white men. 7.5/10 


Detroit Tigers - Rollin Thirty Original Harlem Crip (Dirt Gang), Five Deuce Hoover, Rollin Forties (Darcside), Downtown Gangster Crip

- If you can pull off a cool fit with this, you can get a pass depending who you run into, tho every gang-member will assume you bang something. 7/10


Florida Marlins - Inglewood Families, Rollin Forties, Five-Five Neighborhood Crip, Five-Seven Neighborhood Crip, Florencia 13

- IFz you wear THis you tHa JoiNt, you THiNk you NoT? 9/10


Houston Astros - Westside Hoover, Harpys 13

- This one screams "gangery" and "go-fund-me", if you want to live for another day, do not put this on, PLEASE! 10/10


Kansas City Royals - Kitchen Crip

- Let's be honest, nobody even knows anyone who wears this hat, the only nigga you will see wearing this is a nigga from Kitchen Crip. 6/10


Los Angeles Dodgers - The City of Los Angeles

- Even your momma can wear this hat. 0/10


Los Angeles Angels - Avenue Piru, Arbor Village, Athens Park

- This hat is aight, enough said. 6/10


Miami Marlins - Mafia Crip, Inglewood Families (Manchester Money Boys)

- If you wear this hat, you are a certified gang-member. 8/10


Milwaukee Brewers - Rollin Forties, Mafia Crip

- This will have a lot of people trying to snatch your hat and beat you up, on my life. 8/10


Minnesota Twins - Rollin Thirty Original Harlem Crip

- If you wear this, you look like a walking felony charge. 7.5/10


New York Yankees - All NeighborHood Crips, Asian Boyz (R.I.P Yankee), Neighborhood Piru

- Naybood! 10/10


Philadelphia Phillies - All Piru gangs

- You a real damu if you rock this, especially in bright red. 7/10


San Francisco Giants - Seven Foe Hoover, Family Swan Bloods

- This hat radiates "I want to die today" energy, don't wear it. 8/10


Seattle Mariners - Rollin Sixties, South-Side Compton Crip

- Where my hoodstas at? 9/10


St. Louis Cardinals - Black P. Stone Jungles, Village Stone Bloods

- If you a civilian, do not even bother wearing this, unless you feel like catching back-to-back fades and get robbed in one go. 8.5/10


Texas Rangers - Eight Tray Gangster Crip, Rollin Twenty Bloods, Eight Tray Hoover

- Your "naybors" not gon like you if you wear this. 8/10


Toronto Blue-Jays - Black P. Stone Jungles, PJ Watts Crip, Blacc Bandit Crip

- This hat is alright to wear in certain areas and if you dress the right way. If you look like a gang-member and wear this, say good night. 6.5/10


Washington Nationals - All West-Side gangs, All Watts gangs, 

- Considering every West-Side gang member has one of these, you will get banged on, but not really anything bad is going to happen to you. It's aight to wear for civilians. 6.5/10

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You can add eight trey hoovers under the texas rangers hat as-well, they wear it in orange

SERGEANT FELIX ENCARNACION - LSSD                                                                                                                                                

jrom jeksin


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On 10/3/2021 at 2:51 AM, Natasha Valentine said:

Valentine Gang or.. don't bang!? I don't know, whatever! #stayoffmyturf #fancyhat But over-all interesting guide! I hope my old-school hat made all hat owners proud. 😃 #Bloods






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